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Is your Wifi not Working? Check Out 5 Ways to Boost the Wifi Signal?

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With the second wave of covid-19 hitting the country hard and lockdown implemented in half of the country, the work from home scenario has returned. Offices and public places have been shut down and employees have been compelled to work from home. Proper guidelines are being followed by the offices keeping in mind the safety and security of their employees.

It’s not that work from home is inconvenient for most of them but it does require a good Wifi connection and a strong network. A good Wifi signal plays a major role in ensuring that your work is uninterrupted. A bad Wifi signal will not only disappoint you but hamper your work as well. To make your work smooth and hassle-free we have listed few tips to boost your Wi-Fi signal and ensure good speed throughout.

Here are 5 ways to quickly boost your Wi-Fi signals:

Troubleshooting at home

A good Wi-Fi signal can either make or break your day! Wi-Fi signals do have a mind of their own. They are pretty fickle-minded as well, at one point you will see all the bars intact and at the other, you will see a single bar in the network.

Boost Wifi Signal 2

Switching off the router for at least 10 seconds and then switching it on is the easiest way to boost your Wi-Fi signal. For a smooth and uninterrupted work from home experience, the best thing is to reset the modem and keep on rebooting the equipment for a better speed.

Distance matters here

Another effective tip to boost your Wifi speed is to relocate the router. Physical distance plays an important role in strengthening the speed of the Wifi signals. Some routers are unable to cover a maximum range in small apartments and end up covering a small area. So, it is best to keep your router close to the place where you work. Sometimes, the signals tend to get weak or blocked by pieces of furniture kept in the room or even large objects. The best place to keep your router is at the center to ensure maximum speed in all corners and directions.

Updating the equipment

The more updated the equipment, the better speed it will provide. The more old and updated the router and modem, the lesser speed it will give.  You should know that the WiFi speed can drop if your router and modem equipment are old or outdated. Even malware attacks will not be possible if routers will be kept updated. So, for optimum speed, better performance of your router and for certain security reasons, frequent updating of the equipment is required.

Stronger Antenna equals a Stronger Signal

Another handy tip to boost your Wifi signal immediately is to adjust the router’s antenna frequently. An antenna works by sending out signals in all directions perpendicular to it. So, in case if your Wifi is unable to catch a signal on the top floor, adjusting the antenna of the router might just rest your case.

Boost Wifi Signal

To boost your signal, with more gain will be quite effective.

Router Capacity

Routers have a fixed capacity and cannot exceed it. However large the router maybe, connecting it with various other devices does drastically decrease the speed of the Wifi. An average Router cannot provide good access to the internet to more than a handful of employees and other small devices such as phones. So, the router’s capacity has to be kept in mind for the optimum speed of the Wifi. Also, sharing it with few people will definitely boost the signal.

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