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How Can you Search Facebook Without an Account?

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Do you want to stalk your crush but have deleted your Facebook account due to some private problems? Are you wondering how can I search Facebook without an account? Then, you have hit the right post!

Facebook is a giant social networking site that brings celebrities and ordinary citizens on the same page. This site is popular in bringing together long-lost friends and folks. But, growing scandals and nasty hackers have forced some people to delete their Facebook accounts permanently. And, there are people who want to keep their personal lives private, so they have never created a Facebook profile.

Sometimes, there is an emergency situation where you want to find a person and need to search Facebook without having an account or logging in. Well, you can absolutely do that without any stress and with complete anonymity.

Here are some ways that help you search Facebook without an account:

Take the help of real-life friends with a Facebook account

This is the most basic step to search for someone on Facebook without having an account. Doing this may be slightly embarrassing for you, but if you are really close to your friends, it’s not a big deal. This is 2021 and Facebook has undergone several changes due to negative publicity and issues related to data theft. Therefore, some users make most of the options like locking profiles so that only their Facebook friends can access their personal details, including bio, photos, birth date, etc.

Search Facebook Without an Account 1

You are highly likely to get the best results by taking the help of a Facebook account holder, who is a Facebook friend with your target.

Take help of Facebook directory

If searching your target with the “friends of friends” method doesn’t work or you don’t want to bother your real-life friends or you want to carry out a secret mission, then Facebook Directory is an official method to search Facebook without an account. This tool lets you search profiles, groups, and pages without an account or logging in. Simply click on “people” at the bottom (see image) to access the database.

Names are listed alphabetically, but the overall search results are the same as general search results due to changing Facebook algorithm and privacy policies. The bad news you can’t search for those who turned off public discoverability. The majority of people have set restrictions on their profile views. Neway, try your luck and search with fingers crossed.

(Alt text Search Facebook Without an Account)

Use search engines

Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo help you search Facebook without an account. You need to search like any regular web search and mention the keyword “Facebook” at the end. For instance – you are searching for Louisa Davis or Bill Gates then you must type in the search box as ‘Louisa Davis site: facebook.com’ to extract profiles of all users named Louisa Davis. “site:” is known as a qualifier, which will generate results only from Facebook.

(Alt text search engine results when you search Facebook without an account)

However, the drawback is the same with this method as well. Due to increase pressure from lawmakers, the users are getting an extra layer of privacy and that is “remove third-party app access”. Many Facebook users hide their profile visibility from search engines.

You will see profiles of only those people who have no privacy and security controls to restrict their profile visibility. But, the good news is you can easily access business accounts and famous figures as they don’t hide visibility from other Facebook users who aren’t on their friend list.

Social search engines

These engines are specific in extracting information about a person on Facebook without an account. If you are just into stalking games then, popular social search engines are Social Searcher and snitch.name. Looking for people for professional reasons? Then you can go for Mentionytics and Social Mention.

The best thing about social search engines is you can search profiles with a host of filters such as location, which narrow your results. It means you can look for “Louisa Davis in Melbourne” and omit the results of Louisa Davis in Las Vegas or other cities and countries. Thus, these social search engines have an added advantage over general search engines. What else? Social search engines help you search profiles based on specific keywords and hashtags.

People search engines

There are many people search engines like Peoplefinder.com that are specially designed to help you find your long-lost friends or ex-boyfriends or girlfriends or a new friends and get their details.

(Alt text – search Facebook without an account using Public Records Search)

Their results are from Facebook as well as multiple other sources, where your target has created a profile. While this database offers free services, there are some other people search engines like Pipl which demand monthly subscription charges. Yet, results may vary depending on your target’s privacy and security settings.

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