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Is WinZO App Safe for Online Gamers?

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WinZO, founded in 2018, is one of the most popular interactive entertainment and social gaming platforms in India. Third-party game creators host their games on this platform letting them make 100x more money than they would have made from traditional sources like ads and IAPs. However, the question remains: Is WinZO app safe for gamers? Let us find out.

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Is WinZO app safe?

Well, the short answer to the question is ‘Yes’. WinZO is a member of AIGF and FICCI. It is a safe and secure gaming platform available for users over 18 years of age. It ensures the fairness of all accessible games. Moreover, it has strengthened the cheat detection technologies to weed out cheating players and games.

WinZO is available in those Indian states only where skill gaming is permitted by regulations. Although it is a safe gaming platform it is better to keep certain things in mind to ensure the safety of your account information on this platform.

Here are four tips for additional security:

I. Do not divulge personal details: Never use your real name or birthdays as a username on such platforms. Use a nickname or a pseudonym. It is also important not to reveal personal details in streams or conversations as cybercriminals may misuse the information.

II. Edit privacy settings: Online engagements with other players through campaigns sound wonderful. But it is important to ascertain who should be allowed to follow you. Be wary of requests from strangers as they might have malicious intent such as phishing for sensitive data. Adjust your privacy settings to remain hidden from strangers.

III. Login with a VPN: A Virtual Private Network enables encryption of your Internet data transmission. Thus, it becomes difficult for hackers to track your activities online or even see your IP address.

IV. Get online gaming antivirus software: Gaming antivirus can make your gaming experience safer. You can search for the best software and use it accordingly.

How to download WinZO?

WinZO is available for download on Android and iOS. But casual games that let the users earn money are not available for download. Thus, you need to download the WinZO APK file. You have to allow third-party app installation if it is not done already. Once you have downloaded the file, click to Install. Open the app and fill in your details and verify your phone number. New users get Rs. 50 as a signing bonus.

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Go to the official website of WinZO to know about everything in detail.

How to make money from WinZO?

There are three primary ways to make money on WinZO:

i. Playing games

ii. Lending money

iii. Inviting friends

This platform has over 70 million active users and has paid over Rs. 200 crores to winners. There are over 100 games in 6 formats on WinZO. The information is available in 12+ regional languages to make it easier for people to understand the rules and play to earn real cash. Hope you would not worry about is WinZO app safe anymore.

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