Apple knows details are important. The company is all about innovation, design, and minimalism. The tech giant has a rigorous and thorough quality assurance processes to ensure each product stands up to the quality stands before it reaches the customer. However, in an extremely rare incident, an Apple iPhone 11 Pro with misprinted Apple logo has been allegedly sold for over Rs. 2 lakh.

According to the Twitter post of Internal Archive, the iPhone in question has a misprinted Apple logo on the back. Normally, all Apple products have their logo positioned right in the centre of the back cover. But, in this case, the logo is slightly titled towards the right. This one is indeed being considered as a manufacturing defect, a misprint.

If the photos are genuine, in that case it is indeed a ‘rare’ error. The anonymous account has repeatedly posted images of prototype devices in the past, and though extremely rare, slipups do occasionally go unnoticed by the consumers.

Apple is known for attention to detail and products with even minute defects usually never make it to the market. Apple would rather destroy a fully-functioning phone but with a slightest defect than letting it reach the customer. But in case they do, it is almost like a collector’s item.

Mistake made twice

This is not the first time Apple product has come into circulation without a defect In 2015, according to a report by, a user received an iPad Pro with an extremely unique colour combination with a gold Touch ID ring and silver back.

Meanwhile, Apple is currently working on Apple iPhone 13 series. The new iPhone 13 is expected to sport some cool features alongside an ultra-wide camera. Stay tuned for latest iPhone news. You can also sign in for our newsletter to know the Apple iPhone 13 launch date.