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Invideo review: Your Smartest One In All Online Video Editing Tool

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Videos have become useful everywhere and way more than just simple clippings. One has to present the videos creatively to the target group and bring them to their attention. If using videos for marketing purposes, you need to have a good video editor. It helps to give a professional touch to the result that the viewers would watch.

Not all video editors are convenient to use, and for beginners, it is better to use an easy one. It should be such that you can use it without any technical knowledge. 

This is where InVideo stands out to be an efficient one for editing videos online. It is compatible on both mobile browser and desktop; it is easy to edit raw clippings with the help of the pre-configured templates. Be it landscape or portrait video, you can use it instantly. It would be the perfect option for beginners to create a professional level of videos for marketing.

Therefore, it is a convenient tool option that can be accessed from any browser easily. The download and installation steps are easy to follow, and it doesn’t require any prior knowledge for its usage. 

Read on to know more about this smart and powerful package with all the latest features required for video editing. You can try your hands with its free version before you decide to invest in its higher version and get access to a more effective set of features required for video editing online. 

Types of Videos That InVideo Supports

The pre-configured templates are mind-blowing, and it lets one create creative videos using InVideo. There are three different options users can choose from when editing raw files:

  • Using pre-designed templates 
  • Using the text to video option 
  • Using a blank canvas to use it creatively       
Invideo review 2

The pre-made templates are the best advantages when using the latest online video editor. You can add clips, text, and other elements as required in this and customize it. The second option is mainly to convert articles to videos and make them relevant for the viewers. The best part is about using the third option, where you can use it as per your choice from scratch and start it in the ratio as required. If you have decided on how to frame the final video, go for the third option to show your creativity at its best. 

Ease of Editing Video on InVideo

The options mentioned above will give a timeline along with tools and resources to choose the right one. In this, you can shuffle the clippings, play them as required and use them for an effective video editing process. Here, you can also add music and voiceover as required. There is a copyright-free music track that is easy to choose from the online editor. 

Tips for Using the Tool 

  • It is easy to use with its intuitive platform 
  • Editing text, visual effects, and importing files on the platform are easy 
  • The facility of using video from scratch 
  • Plenty of tutorial options to learn about video editing 
  • It contains more than 4000 in-built templates

With these benefits, it would be easy for beginners to work on this platform and make the best video of their choice. 

Details of Pricing Features 

To give the best professional touch to your videos, the free version of InVideo is suitable for getting started. Here, one will get video templates, automated text speech conversion, 15 minutes duration for every video, a standard media library to access images, and others. 

Invideo review 3

The business version is available for a $15 monthly charge for business purposes and higher. The annual charge of the video would be less, and you can use it for an affordable range. This is how you can get access to the pro features of InVideo. 

Then, there is the unlimited version of InVideo, which is targeted for large teamwork. It is $30 per month that gives premium media and stock images monthly to be used with video clipping. 

The watermark-free videos and premium templates are some available features for the business and an unlimited version of InVideo. You can invest in the option that suits your video editing requirements the best. 

Which are the Platforms to Use Videos for?

  • Twitter timeline
  • Snapchat history 
  • Facebook and Instagram stories 
  • YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook Ads
  • YouTube Videos to use in entire videos 
  • Instagram post, LinkedIn newsfeed, and Facebook 

Editing Video on InVideo 

Editing the video from the home section to suit your purpose is easy to go on InVideo. It does not require much technical knowledge to go with video editing. With this, you can add overlays, create collages, use animated text, and others to give the much-required professional touch to videos. Just by double-clicking on the element, you can add it to the video and create it in the way you want.

Invideo review 1

Choosing the right background music to the template of your choice, you have to use it correctly when using the video for marketing purposes. Therefore, the host of features and the ease of usage of the tool make it stand out from the rest. 

InVideo – Perfect for Different Types of Videos 

Be it educational videos, introductory, funny, or software-related videos, or gaming video InVideo has many in-built templates to work on. Choose the video layout of your choice and use it with the elements that would make the best video. Choose the elements for the video carefully that make the targeted video an attractive one, and it should help you create the best video for promotional purposes.  

Wrapping It Up 

When searching for the best editing tools online, InVideo is the ideal one to rely on. For both beginners and experienced ones in the field, InVideo can be the savior, and one can give the desired touch to videos for promotional and other purposes online. For content creation and media marketing, a creative video can take branding to the next level and help get customer-centric results in a quick time. 

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