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Wondering What Should I Check Before Buying a laptop? Consider these things

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Planning to buy a laptop and thinking ‘What should I check before buying a laptop’?

Your search ends here! We will make it easy for you to decide what to look in a laptop before you buy it.

Laptops have played a vital role in keeping everything organised. Everyone uses laptop, be it a businessman, student, teacher, gamer, or anything. It is not easy to buy a laptop, you must consider many factors before doing so. If you have already planned to spend on it, spend wisely.

We advise you to have a check on various specifications and factors before you get a laptop.

Here’s a common question we ask ourselves before we plan to buy a laptop.

What should I know before buying a laptop?

This is the first question that comes to our mind when we go to buy anything. It has always been easy for people to choose things if they know its use, features, and other factors.

That’s what we are also going to do today. We will save your time and help you select the laptop according to your needs.

Now, we will tell you what you need to check and consider before you buy a laptop.

Things to consider before buying a laptop in India

  • Budget

Before you buy something, you set a particular amount you will spend on an item, that’s your budget. When you will buy a laptop make sure how much are you willing to spend on it.

check before buying a laptop

Don’t go beyond your budget, stay within the budget. So, check all the laptops that comes under your set amount. This will help you choose the best one.

  • Size

Consider the size according to your need because it matters!

It is very important to figure it out before hand because you can’t upgrade it later. If you are a working person who works while travelling as well, go for the smaller display. It will be easy for you to carry your laptop anywhere.

If you are buying it for entertainment purpose, go for 15.6-inch screen display.

  • Storage

What is the use of buying a gadget with less storage?

Nowadays RAM is what people need. DDR4 RAM sticks are the ones that come fitted with most laptops in 2021.

It is often easy to upgrade it, and RAM is relatively cheap.

  • Choose your purpose

Now, when you have planned to buy a laptop, you must have a purpose behind it. It maybe for your personal use, content writing, or business purposes.

Selecting laptop according to your purpose is must. It will help you to shortlist the best ones.

  • Battery life

What’s the use of a laptop if you have to sit by a socket to keep your laptop on charge while working?

check before buying a laptop 2

Laptop should be used to make work easy and not complicated. It is important to have a good battery backup. Your gadget should give you at least 5-6 hours of battery life. Whereas 8 hours of battery life is considered the best.

  • SSDS for storage

Go with an SSD as a storage solution, until you are on a strict budget. They offer more speed than traditional hard drives, don’t take much space and run silently.

SSDs are quite expensive, especially if you are looking for raw capacity. Get SSD with a minimum of 256GB space and a secondary 1TB hard drive for raw capacity.

  • Screen type

When I say screen type, it means touchscreen or no touchscreen. Opting for a touchscreen can add glossiness to the display sometimes. It can be a drawback for gamers, people watching content, editing videos or images.

Viewing angles are extremely important. A laptop screen that touts IPS-in-plane switching technology offers the widest viewing angles. A laptop with an IPS display is usually preferred over the opposite.

  • Keyboard

You will need a laptop with comfortable keyboard for long typing sessions. Make sure the keyboard is backlit, this makes easy to type in dimly lit environments.

check before buying a laptop 3

But keep in while backlit keys are helpful, they also drain battery soon. Take this into consideration while you choose your laptop.

  • USB Type-C

USB Type-C ports are substantially faster than USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. Hence, data transfers over USB Type-C takes less time. These are the most common connector ports.

Make sure to check this before you get your laptop. They also offer fast charging and allow to connect multiple 4k displays or one 8k display to your laptop.

  • Biometric security

No one can fake a fingerprint. This is the best thing about fingerprints.    People can guess passwords and operate your laptop or systems. To keep your data and content secured, a portable PC with a fingerprint reader is must.

One must always prefer a laptop with Biometric security.

Mentioned above are some important things to consider before buying a laptop in India. Don’t compromise with any of the specifications and set a budget for easy buy.

This article has sorted out everything for you. Just keep in mind the specifications and features in the article to choose the best laptop for yourself.

If you want to know more things like this and make your shopping easy and worthy, feel free to reach out to us. You can leave your queries or suggestions in the comment section.

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