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Benefits of Instagram’s ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder Update

Social media platform Instagram recently announced in a blog post that they have introduced a ‘Recently Deleted’ feature to the app. Google’s photo sharing social platform has said that this new feature will help users manage their content.

The blog post also added that this new feature will protect users’ post history from hackers. This feature is available on the latest update of the Instagram app.

How does Instagram ‘Recently Deleted’ Folder feature work?

Before users delete a selected post from their accounts, the post will be added to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder. This is an additional step with Instagram’s latest add-on update. The app will now send content removed from user profiles to a ‘Recently Deleted’ folder where it can be reviewed and restored.

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The feature is quite similar to the recently deleted folder found in many smartphones. Images clicked stay in the phone for 30 more days when they are deleted from the main gallery.

Deleted photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos and stories will be moved to the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on Instagram. Except for Instagram stories, everything else will remain in the folder for 30 days. After that, they will be removed from the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder as well.

Instagram stories that are not in the archive section will only be kept for 24 hours, as per the blog post.

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How to access ‘Recently Deleted’ folder on Instagram?

As the posts lie archived for 30 days, they are accessible to users. All deleted content will be available under Settings > Account > Recently Deleted.

From the folder, posts can be restored or deleted permanently.

How will the Instagram latest add-on update help?

With its popularity and mass use, Instagram accounts have become an easy target for hackers. They break into personal accounts to steal photos, videos, and other relevant data.

In the past, several hacked accounts have lost all their posts before could users regain access. This can be a huge loss for profiles that have a huge presence on Instagram. Whether you maintain an account for yourself or for business, losing your Instagram content is a scary thought.

Here, the new folder will prove to be an additional safeguard.

Instagram Latest Add-On Update 1

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It is notable that when an Instagram account is hacked, users are locked out of the account. They cannot gain access to deleted posts immediately. This new feature will give users the time they need to seek Instagram support.

The folder will ask users to verify their identity through a text or email before the posts are permanently removed. This serves as a two-step verification for purging posts from the app. This is different from the two-factor authentication the company already uses in the first place to protect accounts in general.

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