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How To Check Who Visited Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform by millennial. A source of entertainment, motivation, DIY, and ideas, a large population of Instagram users post new stuff on the daily on their account to give Instagrammers a peak into their lifestyle. If you are an avid Instgram user and keep posting new images, videos, and Reels, then we are sure that you do wonder ‘how to check who visited Instagram profile?’ 

How to see who has viewed your Instagram?

Although Instagram doesn’t offer an in-built feature to let you check who has viewed your profile, you can still use third-party apps to see who viewed your Instagram page.

Follower Insight for Instagram

Using Follower Insight for Instagram App is another great way to check who has viewed my Instagram account.  With this app, it is possible to track those stalkers who follow you on Instagram.  You can also use this app to see who has blocked or unfollowed you. The app sends a notification for all three activities. You can even use this app to monitor your new and lost followers daily

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Android users can find it on Google PlayStore, and the iOS user can get it for the Apple App Store.

All you need to register an account on the app, and it will start analysing your Instagram profile and followers.

It is fantastic to see who viewed my Instagram. It also tracks who is interested in your photos and stories.

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see who has viewed your Instagram

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FollowMeter for Instagram –  Unfollowers Analytics for Instagram

FollowMeter is another third-party app that allows you to see who has viewed your Instagram. The app allows tracking of your Instagram followers and un-followers.

It works as an Instagram manager, which users can deploy to manage Instagram followers and get deep insights into their Instagram account.

 Download it now to see who has viewed my Instagram profile.

Instagram Stories

As mentioned earlier, although Instagram does not give users access to a feature with which they can check who is visiting their profiles, it does have one that allows users to see who all viewed their Stories and Highlights. The feature can, therefore, be used to check who all have recently visited your profile.

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