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Instagram Has a Solution to Your Problem: How to Embed Instagram Profile on The Website?

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Wondering how to embed Instagram profile on the website?

We can help you to embed Instagram Profile on the website. Instagram till now had this drawback that you can’t see a preview of the post you shared on other social sites. Instagram users have been complaining about the issue since long.

Finally, Instagram considered their issue and fixed it. Instagram now has the option to show previews of the post you share. The new Instagram update will allow to preview the post that you include in the tweet, as well as a link to the post on Instagram.

However, the new preview feature will only work if you have a public account. If a user has a private account, the viewer will need to click on the link to see your post. The previews will be available for all kind of feed posts, including reels, videos, and images.

Only stories will not have previews.

Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced the feature

The new feature was announced by the Instagram head Adam Mosseri through a video. He also noticed that the profile embeds are only available for the users in the US for now.

He also said that the company will soon make this feature available for other countries as well. As for now, the users can’t get a profile embed link from the app.

Here’s how you can embed an Instagram profile on the website

This new feature will allow the visitors to see a preview of your profile. Along with this, last 6 images Instagram user posted will also be visible.

How to embed an Instagram profile on the website

  • First go to the account in a web browser
  • Now, look for the 3 dots next to the handle
  • From there look for ‘embed’
  • You will now have to embed, and copy embed code
embed Instagram profile on the website 1

How to embed your own account if you are logged in

  • Open Instagram on browser
  • Tap on the gear icon next to your username
  • After you do this, follow the steps mentioned above

You will now have the embed code. You just have to paste the embed code into the page you are building.

But make sure you paste the code in an html block or code reader.

You are now ready to go!

Now if you have a public profile on Instagram anyone can embed it and post it anywhere without your consent.

If you want to prevent this follow the steps below:

How to prevent people from embedding your Instagram profile

  • Open Instagram app
  • Now, go to your profile and tap on the three dots at the top right
  • After this, go to settings
  • Look for account and then embeds
  • You just have to turn off the toggle switch
  • The toggle switch will be next to allow people o embed posts or profile on other websites.

If you are logged in from a browser follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Click on the gear icon next to your username
  • Then just go to privacy and security
  • Search for embeds option
  • After this just uncheck the box next to allow people to embed your posts on other websites

Follow the steps mentioned above if you want to embed Instagram profile on the website. We will keep you updated about the new features Instagram brings.

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