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Delhi Govt. Receives 12 Bids to Install 100 EV Charging Stations

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The Delhi Transport Department reportedly received 12 bids to install 100 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations wit 500 points across the city.

Officials affirms, the tender process was supposed to start in February, and it was expected that the complete installation work would be done by June-August. However, due to the corona outbreak the first tender that was issued got delayed.

A senior government official said that the work is being proceeded with speed now. After the first issued tender got delayed the department issued corrigendum and fresh tender were issued. As they received 12 bids, this makes it one of the biggest tenders in the country. Due to the involvement of private partners and charging strategy, the tender has got good response.

EV charging station 1

The 100 charging stations will have 500 charging points and a battery-swapping facility will also be available at every charging station.

Electric vehicle charging stations


The fare will be per unit based on the kilowatt for charging EVs. For instance, if a unit will cost around 5.50, it will cost Rs 8 after including GST and other charges.

The official said that two & three- wheelers will consume 6 units to get charged, which means it will only cost Rs 42 to charge EVs. He also added that it will also reduce pollution.

100 charging stations set-up

22 charging stations out of 100 will be set in Northwest. Whereas, 18 in South, 18 in West district, 14 in Southwest, 8 in East, 4 in North. New Delhi district will set up 4 stations, as per the official.

How to find nearby EV charging station online in India

At present India does not have a huge network of EV charging stations. EV manufactures have promised to build an extensive charging station network in the future.

EV charging station 2

There are several websites and applications that help us to find an EV charging station nearby.

Best apps to find an EV charging station

EV Plugs

EV Plugs is India’s 1st aggregator app for EV charging stations. The app has over 1000 verified charging stations listed. You can easily download the app from Google play store.


This is also a great aggregator app for EV charging stations. It also allows people to book a slot and pay directly. The users can even view charging stations in their route.


This one is the aggregator website for EV charging stations. But is the not the best website to search nearby EV stations online. However, it still can be used to serve the purpose.

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