It can be so frustrating to struggle with the battery life of your smartphone the moment you have to look up an important venue on GPS, make a secure payment or even make an important phone call. It’s interesting how we’re using our smartphones for so many ways than one. So, how can you improve smartphone battery life?
The downside of this fabulous discovery is the struggle one has to make to keep a smartphone’s battery alive. If there were an opinion poll on what part of technology do you hate the most, poor battery life is likely to surface as the winner irrespective of the handsets in question.
The editors at have been inundated with this question time and again. That’s when we decided to create a list of the top 20 ways in which one can enhance battery life.

how to improve smartphone battery life1.    Turn off your hardware radios
Smartphones these days have given us a lot of flexibility. You are able to get connectivity almost anywhere and anyhow you want. However, you don’t need them all the time, right? Keep things like your LTE, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth switched off when you don’t need it.
2.    Dim your screen
Lowering the brightness of your screen can save immense amounts of battery life. A righter screen consumes a lot of battery. And it is not something that you need.
3.    Playing games
Cutting down game time on your phone is a great way to save battery life. Instead, play games on your tablet or PC. Games on phones are also smaller and strain your eyes.
4.    Keep a check on apps
It’s important to keep a check on apps running on your phone. Figure out the ones that consume a lot of battery. Keep them turned off for as long as you don’t need them. Do you know which app that we use famously but is a bitter pill for battery life? Your GPS. So use is judiciously.
5.    Use the application manager on Android phones
If you have an Android phone, look for the application manager. Swipe to the right to see running apps. There would be many apps that you don’t use. Simply uninstall those.
6.    Keep notifications limited
Mail, news, messages. These functions constantly play on your phone. You can set them up to receive messages less frequently by accessing settings. You would have seen a drastic drop in battery life during FIFA matches. It’s because of the many notifications and updates you receive on apps and social networks.
7.    Don’t leave it to the cloud
Using cloud services can drain battery life. Try to keep it under check by either downloading locally or uploading while you are on Wi-Fi.
8.    App for battery
You can download apps that help you save and manage battery life. They check what is consuming battery life, kill one’s that are not in use or by helping you manage radio connectivity.
how to improve battery life9.    Turn off background refresh
For those who use an iPhone, visit Settings > General > Background App Refresh. With this facility, apps are able to refresh their information when over Wi-fi or internet access. This is not usually required. Turn it off if you feel this is not something you need. It only means that the next time you access these apps, they will take slightly longer to refresh. That shouldn’t be such a problem!        
10.   Buy an extended battery
If you are constantly on the go, it’s a good idea to keep with you an extended battery that would aim you with extra change at times when you really need it.