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Official Motorola Demo Showed Moto 360: Google I/O Conference Kicked off With Announcement of Android Wear

Google I/O 2014 conference kicked off on June 25 2014 with the announcement of the new Android Wear OS. And now Motorola has now showcased its upcoming Moto 360 in a new teaser video. The conference has also seen the announcement of three launch vehicles – the LG G Watch, the Samsung Gear Live and the Moto 360.

Official Motorola Demo Showed Moto 360
Creative Commans/Chris F

The LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live are already available for pre-orders on the Google Play Store, while the Moto 360 is not going to be released until later this summer.

Motorola has been quoted saying in a new blog post on Thursday, June 26 that “Moto 360 sets itself apart with a design that reimagines time for the modern era – a distinctive round display, carefully chosen materials, and fine craftsmanship all while keeping you on track and up to date without taking you out of the moment. Moto 360 also responds to your voice. Just say ‘Ok Google’ to ask questions like ‘What time is the US versus Germany soccer game today?’ or ‘Is it raining?’ You can also use your voice to schedule an appointment send a text, set an alarm or take a note.”

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The Moto 360 will have a price tag similar to the LG G Watch (USD229) and the Samsung Gear Live (USD199).

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