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Humane AI Pin from Top-Secret Tech Startup Generates Industry Interest

Since Humane announced its wearable new device Ai Pin earlier this week, it has generated tremendous interest in the industry. The hardware startup that works on secretive AI-powered devices in hidden mode annouced this first in April at a TED Talk. This time, the company has said it is “a new type of standalone device with a software platform that harnesses the power of AI to enable innovative personal computing experiences.”

In a press release Friday, a single teaser image of the device was revealed with multi-color lights. However, it doesn’t say much about the product.

Humane Ai Pin so far

Scheduled to launch later in 2023, so far we know that it is a clothing-based wearable. It uses a wide variety of sensors to “enable contextual and ambient compute interactions.” We also know that the company is teaming up with Qualcomm Technologies to take care of the processing requirements of the device. The product shall be fuelled by an advanced Snapdragon platform.

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At the TED conference, co-founder of the company Imran Chaudhri presented how the device can display an interface on his hand. This included how to take calls as well as showcasing an automated summary of Imran’s. He also got a call from his wife (also his co founder) via the AI pin.

We also know that it will be called Humane Ai Pin.

clothing ai gadget 1

What is the industry saying

Several reports have come in about what is the Humane Ai pin going to look like as well as to work.

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Humane is founded by a team that worked at Apple doing design and engineering before they turned entrepreneurs. Hence, it is being touted that the device will have a revolutionary and sleek form factor. It is likely to be packed with powerful performance so that it can make sense of real-time contextual information.

Some sources have said that the pin could be a smartphone alternative going by the functions it can perform. Others suggest it would enable users to use a phone-like device without the need to stare at a screen.

A report in Evening Standard said that this device possibly aims to “sever our dependence on smartphones” as it is likely to use contextually aware AI. Reports such as one in Interesting Engineering said that Chaudhari spoke of a ‘Disappearing Computer’ while speaking of the pin. However, Daniel Piper in Creative Bloq said that the device might not be the ‘iPhone killer’ as is being doubted by some.

Vice President of Business Development of Qualcomm Technologies Dev Singh went on to say that Humane’s Ai Pin will deliver a superior AI experience and feature an assortment of “on-device AI capabilities”.

People can join the waitlist on the company’s website to sign up for the device.

Sign up for a priority access here: hu.ma.ne/waitlist

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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