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Know How to Make Calls on Galaxy Watch 4 without Phone

Galaxy Watch 4 has a built-in microphone speaker and cellular connectivity in their LTE models. LTE functionality makes it possible to make calls on the Galaxy Watch 4 without pairing phones.

So the answer for how to make calls on a Galaxy Watch 4 without a phone is LTE connectivity. Here is how to proceed.

How to know if your watch has LTE connectivity

Do not look for a physical sim card; the eSim electronic chip distinguishes the GPS Galaxy watch from the LTE watch. Now let’s know how to connect it to the cellular network so that we can understand how to make calls on a Galaxy Watch 4 without a phone.

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Before you activate a Cellular/LTE on Samsung Galaxy Watch

  • The next generation of SIM cards is eSIM, eliminating the need for physical SIM cards. Users only need to enter the activation code or scan a QR code, and the cellular services will get activated.
  • You need a carrier plan available on your Galaxy Watch. All of the foremost service providers in the US (T-mobile, AT&T, Verizon) have offers for LTE plans on Galaxy Watch, and it also enables number sharing. That means you will use the same number on your smartphone and LTE Samsung watch
  • According to Samsung’s website, Galaxy watches are limited to the country where the carrier is available. This means your watch is limited to the carrier and the country in which it is provided.

For example: if you bought your LTE Galaxy in Canada, you will require a Bell or Rogers plan, or if you bought it in the US, you will require a Verizon wireless plan.

How to activate your carrier plan on the Galaxy Watch

  • Start with connecting to the Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • Go to the ‘Galaxy Wearable app’ available on the Samsung smartphone
  • Choose ‘Watch Settings’
  • Hit on ‘Mobile Plans,’ and you will see available plans from tthe carrier
  • If you already have an ongoing plan on your smartphone, you will see an option to activate it on the Galaxy watch as well
  • Choose ‘Next’ and proceed to the service provider page that is activation page > Further follow the instructions and complete the activation process
  • If you have prepaid, postpaid, or both plans on the Galaxy Watch, it will depend on your carrier provider

Once done, now you are at the last step of how to make calls on a Galaxy Watch 4 without a phone.

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How to make calls on Galaxy Watch 4 without phone

Once the cellular plan is active on your watch, you can easily make calls without a phone. Follow the following steps to understand how to do it:

  • Go to the ‘Phone App’ on the Galaxy watch
how to make calls on galaxy watch 4 without phone1
  • Now tap on the ‘contact icon’ or ‘keyboard icon’ and choose a number or dial a number, respectively
how to make calls on galaxy watch 4 without phone2
  • Once the number is entered or chosen, you can hit on the ‘green phone icon’ and start the call
how to make calls on galaxy watch 4 without phone3

That’s it; the call will connect to the number you dialed without using a phone. Once your call is connected, you will see a Caller ID, duration, switch button, and a hang-up button on the screen. Once the call ends, tap on the ‘Red Phone Icon.’

If the contact you chose has multiple numbers, you will see a list and then choose a number. Charges for the call will be deducted from your cellular plan.


We hope you know how to make calls on a Galaxy Watch 4 without a phone. You cannot just make calls; you can also receive calls on your Galaxy watch. Accept the call by swiping to the right and reject the call by swiping to the left. Call rejection has further options to send a message to the caller or hang up. Also, not just calls; you can send or receive texts on your Galaxy Watch without using a phone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I shift the calls from my Galaxy Watch to the smartphone?

Yes, you can do it. You will see a button called ‘Transfer Call’ whenever you are on a call. Tap on it, and your call will go on and still transfer to your phone.

2. Can I leave the phone at home and use the Galaxy watch only?

Indeed you can enjoy a standalone experience with your watch alone. You only need LTE connectivity in your Samsung watch, and you can leave your phone at home.

3. Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch require a separate data plan?

No, you don’t require a separate data plan for the galaxy watch. If you already have an active plan on your Samsung phone, the ‘Galaxy Wearable App’ will make it available on the watch. It is because of cloning your phone’s cellular data on your watch.

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