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How to Unban Telegram Number in 2023?

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Are you seeing the “This phone number is banned” error on Telegram? Then this means that you must have violated Telegram policies which must have triggered Telegram to ban your number. 

In this blog, we have mentioned possible reasons why your Telegram number must have gotten banned and easy ways to solve the ‘how to unban telegram number in 2023’ query. 

Let’s dive into every Telegraming! 

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Why does Telegram number get banned? 

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Telegram has strict terms and policies, and in case any account doesn’t adhere to their policies, they take strict action towards them. 

 Your Telegram number can get banned due to various reasons, and we have listed a few of them: 

Hate speech 

Telegram has strict policies on spreading hate and false information. This could also be a possible reason for your number being banned on Telegram. However, if you are getting banned on Telegram due to this reason, then next time, you need to keep a check on the information you are sharing on Telegram. 

Reported for harassment 

Harassment activities are not entertained by Telegram; hence if, after investigation, Telegram confirms that you have bullied, threatened or harassed someone, then your number will get banned. 

Sexual content and nudity 

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Telegram is a safe platform that adheres to strict privacy policies, which means sharing and promoting nude or sexual content. If you are found guilty of sharing explicit content, then you need to keep a check on the content that you share. 

Illegal activities 

In case your phone number is linked to accounts that advocate illegal activities such as drugs, suicide, theft or self-harm, etc., then you are at risk of getting banned. If your account has got flagged for such illegal activities, then you need to stop performing activities that lead to the ban. 

Promoting cybercrime 

Have you created an account on Telegram to sell tools or products? Then it would be best if you stopped doing it because such activities promote cybercrime. Telegram is a messaging platform, unlike WhatsApp, which isn’t made for business promotion. 

Entering wrong password 

Entering the wrong password can lead to a number ban on your account. For example, if you have entered the password incorrectly 5 times in a row, then this is considered suspicious activity, which leads to the immediate ban of your telegram number. 

Wondering how to unban Telegram number in 2023? follow these easy steps 

Now you must know the reasons why your Telegram number got banned in 2023. Now let us understand how to unban telegram numbers in 2023. 

  1. Sign in to your email account. 
  2. Write a requested email to Telegram. 
  3. While writing the email, ensure that you are clearly writing the reasons for the ban. 
  4. Now send it to 

The problem of phone numbers getting banned has become super common among Telegram users nowadays. Therefore, many users are looking for ways to unban Telegram numbers, and this is the only way to solve this issue. 

How to know your Telegram number is banned or not in 2023? 

If you want to know whether your telegram number is banned or not, then you need to follow these steps to check the status:

  1. Open the telegram app on your app. 
  2. You will find a search widget in your app interference. Click on it. 
  3. Now within the widget, search for “Spamify bot channel.”
  4. Once the spamify bot option pops up, click on the start button. 
  5. Following this, the robot will notify you whether your account is banned or not. 


We hope you find our tutorial on ‘how to unban telegram numbers in 2023’ easy, and now you are unbanning Telegram numbers like a piece of cake. But, unfortunately, Telegram keeps on banning numbers who violate their policies. 

Don’t forget to share our valuable blog with your friends and tag us as we keep on sharing such informational blogs. If you have any comments or feedback on the blog, reach out to us in the comment section. 

Thank you for reading the blog, and until next time keep on thriving on the technology!

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