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How to Transfer Google Play Balance to your Bank Account

If you are an Android user, there is no need for us to tell you what Google Play is. What the App Store is to Apple users, Google Play is for Android users. It was initially launched 12 years ago in 2008 and it was called the Android Market. Later on in the year 2012, it was rebranded as Google Play. It is the official platform for purchasing and downloading official Android apps using Google Play balance (in case you want to learn how to transfer Google Play balance to a bank account, keep reading).

It provides the users the platform for using Chrome as well. Over the years, users can purchase movies, books, and music as well on Google Play and the purchased content can be accessed by the same account users via different devices and through iOS also.

What is Google Play balance?

A huge number of applications are available for download via the Google Play store either for a cost or free of charge. In order to make purchases on Google Play, various methods can be used. You can either use a credit or debit card, gift card or deposit money in your Google Play wallet.  

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How to transfer Google Play balance to a bank account?

In case you want to transfer your Goolge Play balance to your bank account you can easily do so by following a few simple steps.

  • Sign into ‘Payment’ methods.
  • Thereafter, you will reach Google Play balance. Click on Transfer balance. 
  • You will be asked to enter the amount you want to transfer.
  • After that, you will be asked to confirm the payment method.
  • Then, for the last step, you will have to click transfer.
transfer google play balance to bank account

The list of steps mentioned above is for when you are using a Desktop. In case you want to transfer Google Play balance to your bank account using an Android device, the steps are as follows:-

  • Go to the Google Play app.
  • You will see a Payment button at the bottom, click on it.
  • Under the ‘Google Play balance’, click on cash out. 
  • Thereafter, enter the amount you want to transfer. 
  • After that, confirm the payment method.
  • Then finally click on Transfer.

So, there you go! The steps to transfer Google Play balance to your bank account are so simple. 

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Google Play store has thousands of apps across every category possible. Some apps may be free to download, but many have their premium versions also which enable you to access their upgrades as well as additional features. In order to pay for the premium subscription, you can use your Google Play balance. The app directory is being constantly upgraded which means you can access all the latest apps and their updated versions from time to time. You can not only buy apps but music and books too.

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Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain
Shikha Jain is 34 years old. Mother to a daughter. Engineer by qualification but have been a writer for the last seven years.

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