Google Nexus 4 Demands Touch All Time High, Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone5 In Flurry



For all those people who fell in love with the Nexus 4 but weren’t able to get hold of a piece on Google Play or other retail outlets, here’s why it happened. The $299 unlocked device soon went out of stock and is still out of stock in every country where it was sold, and it doesn’t look like this situation is going to change.

To start with, apparently, Google itself was unable to forecast the demand for its flagship smartphone accurately, with demand far exceeding what they had expected. What’s even worse news is that owing to a fixed contract agreement between Google and the phone’s manufacturer, LG, Google cannot even demand that LG increase the supply of this device.

While it may be shocking to dismiss this as an oversight in an age when other popular smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 cost over $599, it is possible that Google wanted to limit this subsidized offer of the Nexus 4 in the market to start with and deliberately didn’t make too many pieces.

Whatever the reason, looks like people who have managed to order the Nexus 4 are in for a long wait, and people who want to order this phone may have to look for alternatives instead.… Read the rest

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Watch Out: Android Trojan Plagues Google Play

Critics of Android always warned this would happen, and now they must feel vindicated. In what comes as a big worry for millions of Android users worldwide, a new virus called FakeLookout has been found on the Play Store. This Trojan takes out sensitive information from Android smartphones and transmits to a remote FTP server under the control of malicious hackers, according to a recent report by TrustGo Mobile.

FakeLookout is concealed within an app called “Updates”, designed by Good Byte Labs, and appears to be an update for the mobile security app, Lookout. The app even features a genuine looking logo of the original app, causing considerable damage not only to Android users who accidentally download the app, but also harming the reputation of the original app maker.

FakeLookout is capable of stealing MS/MMS messages, video files, and data off the SD card on Android phones, posing a severe security threat to users by leaking personal and sensitive information into the hands of malicious agents. TrustGo Mobile has also reported that it has updates its antivirus solution to protect against this Trojan.… Read the rest

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Google Violates The Copyright Laws By Making Digital Copies Of Books Available Online?

Google and AAP settlementWhere Google is breaking old relationships (ref. Apple), it’s also creating new ones. According to the latest news, Google is trying to bag the spot for becoming the world’s no 1 library. In an agreement by Google Inc and several publishers, the merge will work towards making the digital copies of books with a litigation period of seven years.

On Thursday, Google and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) announced that US publishers can opt to either remove their books and journals digitized by Google for its Library Project or make them available.

It is to note that this settlement would not concern Google’s current litigation with the Authors Guild in any manner.

As per a statement by Paul Aiken, Executive Director, Authors Guild, he said, “Google continues to profit from its use of millions of copyright-protected books without regard to authors’ rights, and our class-action lawsuit on behalf of U.S. authors continues.”

The issue with the publishers engaged Google scanning millions of copyrighted books to make them available to users online. The publishers argue that Google violated copyright laws as it failed to ask for their permission.

In a statement by Tom Allen, President and chief executive officer, AAP, he said, “It shows that digital services can provide innovative means to discover content while still respecting the rights of copyright-holders.”

Various AAP members who filed the lawsuit include McGraw-Hill Companies Inc, Pearson Education Inc and its sister Penguin Group USA, John Wiley & Sons and CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster.

Around 15 million books were scanned by Google in an effort to offer easy access to the world’s knowledge. The search engine giant is carrying out scans in partnership with major libraries around the world, including the New York Public Library and Stanford University Libraries.

Users accessing Google Books can browse up to 20 percent of the books in its library and then go to Google Play to buy digital versions.

The book industry is growing as more people have started using tabs for reading including Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad.

The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers sued Google in 2005 for infringing copyright laws. The companies however, reached an earlier settlement to pay $125 million to those whose copyrighted books were scanned, and to locate and share revenue with the authors who have yet to come forward.

However, this decision was challenged by critics, who said the settlement gave Google an unfair competitive advantage. A federal court agreed, and the earlier settlement was then rejected.… Read the rest

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Google Play Now Boasts of More Than 25 billion Downloads

Android app store Google Play, which was set up three and a  half years ago, now has more than 25 billion downloads. Of this, 15 billion downloads were achieved only in the last year. This makes it a serious competitor against Apple. The Android downloads store currently has more than 675,000 apps and games.

At the end of 2011 Google Play had nine million downloads. And the store attracted a billion downloads in 2010. It is now not far from the App store’s 30 billion downloads.

Google is celebrating the mark by offering discounts on games from developers such as Gameloft, EA, Rovio, Runtastic and Full Fat. They are also offering discounts on download of movies, books, albums and magazines.

This achievement at Google Play is a reflection of the development of the Android market. While there are 550,000 apps for iOS devices, there are 440,000 apps for Android devices. 
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Now Pay For Apps Developed By Indians For Google Play









Now you may have to pay to buy Andriod Apps developed by Indians. According to recent reports by The Hindu, India has made it in to Google’s official list of countries where developers can register as certified Google Checkout merchants, thus allowing Indian developers to put out paid apps.

The step had to be taken,’’ said Ashish Sinha, founder of, a website focused on local start-ups. “This will make the way for creating business models around innovative Apps. Android is big in the Indian smart devices space, and this will help fuel development of the localised Apps, too.”

 Director of Next Wave Multimedia, P R Rajendran told the media , “We have lived with this condition for some time now where we literally run two companies, and are subject to dual taxation”. He added, “This is a welcome move on the part of Google”.

 Before this initiative was taken Indian app developers had limited opportunities , they were not getting for their apps, they had to visit a country where Google Check Merchants were allowed and register in the name of the resident of the particular country to have their apps on Google Play.

 In the past few months Google has launched its voice guided turn-by-turn Navigation service in India which is first of its kind in India. Google maps have  the voice feature which gives driving directions in  English

Speaking at the launch of these services, Darren Baker, Product Manager for Google Maps, said, “Our goal in developing Google Maps is to provide users with the most comprehensive and accurate online maps in every country, and to share the features and benefits of Google Maps as widely as we can.”

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