WhatsApp is one of the most popular and useful apps across the world. Thanks to its simplicity and user-friendly nature. It made personal and professional communication easier. But, nothing in this world is perfect! WhatsApp has limitations too. The messaging app doesn’t allow you to send large files and displays an error when you try to. The WhatsApp file size limit in 2021 is 100MB for regular files and video limit is 16MB. These limitations restrict you from sharing large video or audio files or documents with your friends.

Besides limited video size, there is also a restriction over the format of the files. WhatsApp supports video formats – MP4, 3GP, MKV, AVI,and MOV. Also, you might have to keep H264 video codec and AAC audio codec to successfully share a video to Whatsapp contacts.

What are these limitations for?

Well, WhatsApp servers need to be clutter free. Only then can they work in a hassle-free manner.

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No matter what file we share with our WhatsApp contacts, usually it is a file saved on your mobile storage. While sharing the entire file is being transferred over WhatsApp’s servers, which is restricted due to file size limitations.

What are different options to send large files on WhatsApp?

Other tools that you use are Dropbox or WeTransfer. But, peopleare not very satisfied due to complexities. There are many other platforms like Telegram that allow file size limit up to 2GB. You have to download the Telegram app and install it on your smartphone to transfer desied files to your contacts. But, the problem is your contacts too must have a Telegram app. Telegram and Whatsapp are 2 different companies. So you cannot send messages from Telegram to Whatsapp, but transfer files through mails and other apps.

Downloading a whole new app just to send a video?
Doesn’t sound cool. Right?

Then how to share more than 100 MB file on WhatsApp?

There is a need for a common platform with the help of which a file can be used on multiple devices.


The #1 way to send large files on WhatsApp is by uploading them on Google Drive and then sharing the file link on the messaging app.

Why Google Drive?

This cloud storage platform lets you upload files up to 50GB in size without any charges. Google also offers 100GB space for just Rs 130 per month. Isn’t it cheap and best option? Where else can you find such massive storage space for less than Rs 150?

How to upload large files on Google Drive before sharing on Whatsapp?

Google’s cloud storage allows you to store any type of documents, audio or image or video files on its servers via Google Drive. Below are the steps to upload a file to Google Drive:

1. Open Google Drive app on your smartphone and click on the “+” icon (on bottom right corner of the screen).

2. Tap on “Upload file” and select the file that is more than 100 MB in your gallery. Also, you can directly upload it by selecting the file in your gallery and opting for Share>Save to Drive.

3. Once the file is uploaded, it is displayed on top of the app.

4. Now tap on the three-dotted button and select ‘Copy the link.’ The file path will be copied to your phone’s clipboard.

5. Open WhatsApp and simply paste the link and press the share button.

With this you can share the link with as many contacts you want. Users who will click on the link will be redirected to the shared file. WhatsApp also allows users to download the file on their own devices.

Although Google Drive is the prime choice for many people, you can use other cloud storage platforms if you want. And you can send large files on WhatsApp in the same manner.

No matter how big a video file is, you can easily share it with your WhatsApp contacts using this simple method. Because you are only sharing the link and not the entire file on Cloud Servers.

Google Drive is the most successful approach so far!!! Because Android users already having a Gmail account on the device can easily access Drive app, which is also the product of Google. So, it’s not a big deal!

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