With COVID-19 wreaking havoc globally, many organizations are relying on mobile devices for work. While it is important to have the necessary apps installed on mobile devices, it is equally important to block installing Android apps from Play Store.

Mobile devices used for work must include apps that can be managed along with the devices and the corporate data. In doing so, you must also prevent employees from installing malicious apps on devices to ensure both security as well as productivity.

Block installing Android apps from Play store  

Most IT admins look for ways to block or restrict downloads via Play Store on corporate devices. That said, Mobile Device Manager Plus, mobile device management (MDM) provides a feasible solution to this problem.

How to block installing Android apps from Play Store?

Using Android Enterprise

  • Firstly, configure Android Enterprise
  • Next, purchase the apps from the Managed Google Play portal
  • Next, sync MDM app Repository if you need to add the purchased apps to the repository.
  • Now distribute these apps to devices or groups. You can even install these apps silently.
  • All the apps purchased through Play for Work and distributed via MDM can be installed from Google Play Store and block other apps from Play Store from installing.
  • Also, you can customize the Play Store layout based on your business requirements.

Without the Android Enterprise

Follow the steps to block installing Android apps from Play Store even when you have not configured Android Enterprise.

  • Click on Device Management and select Profiles from the left menu on your MDM console
  • Next, click on Create Profile and select Android
  • Next, tap on Restrictions from the policy list and select Application on the left menu.
  • Now restrict the “users can install unapproved apps” option. Doing this will ensure only those apps distributed via MDM are installed on the device while blocking all other malicious apps.
  • Next, Save and Publish this profile and distribute it to devices and groups.
  • Once the profile association is completed, you can block downloading apps from Play Store and prevent users from installing any unauthorized apps that are not approved by your organization.

Follow the above-mentioned easy steps to block installing Android apps from Play store and restrict any unwanted apps from downloading on your device.