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How to Remove FASTag from Paytm?

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FASTag is an innovative system to collect tolls at the toll plaza directly or digitally without the need to pay in cash by standing in a line. People have bittersweet experiences with this system and thus some of you might want to remove FASTag from Paytm. You may have other reasons or need to remove it. Whatever the cause is, if you want to know how to remove FASTag from Paytm, we are here to help.

How to remove FASTag from Paytm?

Following is the way to remove FASTag from Paytm:

  • Open the Paytm app or website on your mobile or computer
  • Login to Paytm account using the phone number registered with Paytm FASTag
  • Go to the passbook option
  • Choose the Paytm FASTag wallet
  • Click on Manage FASTag
  • You will see all the active Paytm FASTags linked to the number if there is more than one
  • Choose the only one option or the desired FASTag account if there are many to deactivate and cancel Paytm FASTag

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How to deactivate Paytm FASTag?

This is how you need to deactivate your Paytm FASTag account:

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  •  Open the Paytm app
  • Use the number to log into Paytm that you used to create the FASTag account
  • Hit the 24×7 Help & Support option
  • Select the FASTag category
  • Choose Issue Related to FASTag profile
  • Select I want to close click on my FASTag
  • Hit the Message us option
  • Enter the registered mobile number, vehicle registration number, and the FASTag ID being displayed on the app
  • Choose the reason to close the FASTag account
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click on Submit Details option

You will then get a Ticket Reference Number and right after the Paytm FASTag will be deactivated. You may get an email or message regarding the deactivation status from the Paytm FASTag team.

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What to do if faced with problems with the Paytm FASTag account?

Contact the customer care of Paytm for help if there is any issue. The number to contact Paytm FASTag customer care is 1800-102-6480. They would not be able to help if the FASTag account is of any other issuing bank.

How to cancel FASTag accounts of other banks?

Since there is no customer care number for FASTag, you need to contact the call center of that particular bank that issued your FASTag for temporarily deactivating or canceling FASTag.

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How to activate Paytm FASTag?

If you want to activate Paytm FASTag, do the following:

  • Log onto your Paytm app
  • Go to the My Orders section
  • Go to the Shopping tab
  • Select your order
  • Hit the Active Now option
  • The FASTag that you have received will have a FASTag ID under the barcode that you need to enter
  • Upload the image of the front and back of your Registration Certificate keeping the size of the image below 4 Mb
  • The Paytm FASTag would now have been successfully activated for you to use

The Paytm passbook section will have the status of your FASTag that you can check. You need to keep money in your Paytm wallet to pay as and when required in Paytm FASTag.

Hope the information on how to remove FASTag from Paytm helps you with your requirement. If you face any issues with this task, let us know in the comments section below for further help. Like you, others may be looking for a way to remove FASTag from Paytm. Share this article with them to show how it is done.

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