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How to Recover Facebook Account Without Phone Number & Email ID

It can be difficult to figure out how to recover a Facebook account without phone number. That is because of the extra layers of security that the social app has included in recent years. At the same time, not only are we addicted to the platform with more than 3 billion users Facebook boasts a huge social media following. Many users also use it to enhance a community, idea or a business. While the use of Facebook is declining, it is still an important platform to stay connected. people tend to have more connections there. It offers a two-way street unlike Instagram or Twitter.

Hence, Facebook is that social media platform we cannot avoid. Here are some tips to help people who lost access to the phone number needed to log in to their Facebook account.

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Ways to recover Facebook account without phone number

In situations when people are not able to use their phone number or email to access their Facebook, they request recovery without them. This is one way to access a Facebook account without phone number.

recover facebook account without phone number 2
  • Visit the Facebook website and click on the Forgot account tab
  • You will get an email or number as a recovery option
  • To go ahead, click on no longer have access to these
  • The next available option is to give a friend’s number
  • Input a friend’s number to continue
  • User will get the option of a move to reveal my trusted contact
  • Accordingly, provide the name of the trusted friend
  • The friend will receive a code in his or her mobile number
  • Enter the code on the recovery page
  • Password reset page will appear once the code is submitted
  • Create a new password for the account

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Facebook Recovery with Access to Email and Phone Number

It is not unusual for people to forget their password once they have logged in to their account but never had to log out. However, at certain times they need the password to log in to their account. For instance, if I changed my phone or logged out by mistake. The recovery process is mentioned below:

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recover facebook account without phone number 1
  • Visit the Facebook website and tap Forgot password
  • Choose an email id or phone number as the recovery option
  • Type the email or number
  • The next step is to answer a security question correctly
  • A code will be sent to the chosen recovery option
  • Submit the code for account verification on the recovery page
  • The password reset page will be opened next
  • Create a new Facebook password and use it to log in

Wrapping up! 

Now that you know how to recover a Facebook account without a phone number, it would not be much of a hassle for you to do it. However, if you want to ensure that you never have to do it, note the password somewhere.

Remember where it is kept so that you can go back to check in case you need to log in using your password. In case you have any issues like not being able to recover the account even after doing everything, get in touch with the technical support team of Facebook. They will help you to resolve the issue within a short time unless it is impossible to recover the account.

 If that be the case, you would have no other option but to create a new Facebook account.


Q.1: Can I use a friend to recover my Facebook account?

Yes, Facebook has a feature called “Trusted Contacts” that allows you to choose friends who can help you recover your account if you ever have trouble accessing it. If you’ve set up Trusted Contacts, you can request their assistance to regain access to your account. However, it’s essential to choose friends you trust and ensure they are familiar with the process.

Q.2: What ID can I use to recover my Facebook account?

Facebook requires users to verify their identity if they can’t access their account using the regular recovery methods. You can use various forms of identification, such as:
     – Passport
     – Driver’s license
     – Birth certificate
     – Marriage certificate
   It’s essential to provide a clear photo of your ID where your name, photo, and date of birth are visible. Facebook will use this information only to confirm your identity and will delete the ID information after verification.

Q.3: How do I recover my loved one’s Facebook account?

If your loved one has passed away, Facebook offers a way to memorialize or remove their account. To request the memorialization of an account, you’ll need to provide proof of death, such as a death certificate or obituary. Once memorialized, the account will be secured, and the word “Remembering” will be shown next to the person’s name on their profile. If you wish to remove the deceased’s account, you’ll need to provide proof that you’re an immediate family member or an executor. If your loved one is incapacitated but not deceased, you’d need to provide proof of guardianship or a power of attorney to request changes to their account.

Q.4: What precautions should I take to avoid losing access to my Facebook account in the future?

1. Regularly update your recovery email and phone number.
2. Set up two-factor authentication.
3. Choose trusted contacts wisely and keep the list updated.
4. Avoid sharing your password and be wary of phishing attempts.

Q.5: How long does it typically take to recover a Facebook account without a phone number and email ID?

The recovery time can vary. If you have other recovery methods set up, like trusted contacts or security questions, it can be quicker. However, if you need to contact Facebook support, it might take a few days to weeks, depending on the complexity of the situation.

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