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How to Recover a Permanently Deleted Facebook Account After 30 Days

In today’s digital age, our online presence is as significant as our physical one. Facebook, being one of the most popular social media platforms, holds a treasure trove of memories, connections, and interactions. But what happens when, in a moment of impulse or a bid for digital detox, you decide to delete your account? The panic sets in when you realize that a month has passed, and you might have lost your digital identity forever.

The good news? There might still be a glimmer of hope. Whether you’re regretting a hasty decision or facing unforeseen circumstances, this guide will walk you through the steps and possibilities of recovering a Facebook account that’s been deleted for more than 30 days.

Here is a step-by-step guide to recover a permanently deleted Facebook account after 30 days?

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How To Recover a Permanently Deleted Facebook Account After 30 Days? Step-by-Step Guide :

1. Open your web browser.

2. In the browser, type or click here.

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3. The link will redirect you to a page; from there, click on the back icon

4. A Help Center page will appear

5. Click “Account Settings”

6. Scroll down and click on the “Helpful” tab

7. A dropdown menu will appear; from there, click on “Other”

8. A submission box will appear. Write about this issue briefly:

 “I deleted my account to take a social detox. However, I intended to log back into my account on the 30th day. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to. Now, I have lost access to my account permanently. Please help me recover my account.”

9. Now, click on the “Submit” option

10. Once submitted, kindly expect a reply from the Facebook team within 48 hours

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Wrapping up!

In the vast realm of digital interactions, our Facebook accounts often serve as a reflection of our lives, memories, and connections. While the process of recovering a permanently deleted account after 30 days might seem daunting, it’s essential to remember that there are steps and measures in place to assist you.

Always ensure you’re informed about the choices you make online and their implications. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation again, refer back to this guide and take prompt action. Stay connected, stay informed, and always safeguard your digital memories.

FAQs to help you recover a deleted Facebook account

Can I create a new account with the same email address or phone number after deletion?

Yes, once your account is permanently deleted, you can use the same email address or phone number to create a new Facebook account.

Why does Facebook have a 30-day grace period for account deletion?

The 30-day grace period is designed to give users a chance to change their minds and restore their accounts if they decide they want to return to Facebook.

What’s the difference between deactivating and deleting a Facebook account?

Deactivating is a temporary action where your profile is hidden, but your data remains on Facebook’s servers. Deleting is a permanent action. In this case, all your data is removed from Facebook’s servers after 30 days.

What happens to messages I’ve sent to friends after I permanently delete my account?

Messages you’ve sent to friends will remain in their inboxes even after your account is deleted. However, your profile name will appear as “Facebook User” in those conversations.

Is there a difference between deleting my Facebook account on mobile vs. desktop?

No, the deletion process and its implications are the same whether initiated from a mobile device or a desktop.

If I’ve backed up my Facebook data before deletion, can I restore my account with it?

No, while you can download and keep a copy of your Facebook data, it cannot be used to restore or recreate your account. The backup is for personal reference only.

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