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How to Check my Phone is Hacked or Not? Here’s What you Need to Know

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In today’s internet era cybercrime is posing a threat to most. Your phone can be hacked easily and so if you want to know if your phone is hacked, you’re at the right place! In this post, we share answers to ‘how to check my phone is hacked or not’.

Today, smartphones have become indispensable and almost every task is performed with the help of smartphones. However, they have also become common targets for most hackers. While companies take efforts to prevent the presence of any malware, there are many ways in which your phone can be hacked.

So, how to check my phone is hacked or not?

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First off, check for any suspicious or inappropriate behaviour or functions on your phone display. If you observe your phone slowing down or some mysterious texts, you can determine and figure out if your phone is hacked or not.

Here are some signs your phone may be hacked.

Faster battery drainage

If you notice your phone batteries are draining faster than usual, it could mean that your phone has been hacked.

Unusual or strange alerts and pop-ups

If you observe some flashing or inappropriate ads or adult content popping up on your phone, your phone may be hacked.

Unexpected usage of mobile data

While there could be other reasons for the sudden increase in mobile data usage, if your phone behaves the same for a long period, it could mean your phone is hacked.

Unknown apps and folders

my phone is hacked or not

Most new smartphones come with some pre-downloaded apps and folders. However, if you notice new apps and folders after you buy the smartphone, it is likely your phone is hacked.

Phone becomes hot

If your phone becomes hot along with faster battery drainage, it could again mean your phone is hacked.

Poor performance

If you observe slow loading pages or your phone crashes while using some websites, it could be a sign of a phone hack. According to studies, hacked phones do not shut down properly. Also, if you observe any delays while sending and receiving texts, it could mean your phone is hacked.

So, these are some of the ways to ‘how to check my phone is hacked or not’. We recommend you take all preventive measures to ensure minimum chances of your phone being hacked.

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