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How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio with Ease?

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If you do not know already how to record screen on Mac with audio, this article would help you with that. This is especially helpful when you need to record a video and media is being played at the same time on a browser.

How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio?

Install the free extension Loopback Audio. Open the media in your application that you want to capture. Use Chrome or Firefox in case of a browser. Do not use Safari.

Start 5 seconds before from where you want to start as it will give the application the required time to hide playback controls if any which could be distracting. Do not press the play button yet.

Go to the System Preferences/Sound. Click on the sound Output tab and choose Loopback Audio. At this point, there would not be any sound coming out of any of Mac’s applications but there is nothing to worry about.

Go to the application QuickTime Player and choose File/New Screen Recording. Choose whether you wish to record the entire screen or a certain portion of the screen. Go ahead and click on Record. Click on the Options now and choose the proper audio source which is Loopback Audio in this particular case. Now go to the application which is set to play the video and press Play.

record screen on mac with audio 1

Once you are done recording stop the video. Click on the black square at the top of your screen which is to stop the recording on Quicktime. Go ahead and Save the video file.

Go to the System Preferences/Sound and the change the preference in the sound Output to Internal Speakers as before. You would now be able to hear sound from your speakers.

Go to the saved movie in the QuickTime Player and check out the sound. You can trim the clip as per your requirements in either iMovie or QuickTime Player.

Watch this video to have a better understanding of the process.

This article is a complete guide on how to record screen on Mac with audio. You would not need to follow any other tutorial or guide to get what you want. If you have any further questions, let us know in the comments section below. Share this article with others to help them as well if you have found it useful.

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