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Here is How to Stop Auto Likes on Facebook

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Facebook, now known as Meta, was previously used to chat with friends, share posts, and stay up to date. Now, the social media giant is all about having a greater number of friends rather than using it as a source of knowledge.

This has happened because people are in a habit of showing of their Facebook posts having maximum number of likes. No one checks the quality of the content posted, but if the post has several likes, it is considered to be the best one.

Due to the reason that people want more and more likes on Facebook, there were several apps and websites that were introduced. These apps are used to fetch huge amount of likes on Facebook posts.

Another thing a Facebook user use to get likes on posts is ‘Facebook auto liker’.

What is Facebook auto liker and how does it work?

Facebook auto liker is a tool that helps an individual to increase likes on Fb post. This tool works on ‘Like for Like’ system.

Let’s say, there are 100 people using auto liker tool or website and you have joined this auto liker community, the no. will increase to 101.

Now what happen is, all these 100 people will like your status or photo and this chain keeps going on. Every time a new user is added, automatically a new like is generated.

Its not safe to use Facebook auto liker. But before telling you why is it so, let us see how to remove auto liker app from Facebook account.

How to stop auto likes on Facebook

To stop auto likes on Facebook, you first have to remove auto liker app from Facebook account. This is how you can do so:

  • First, open your Facebook app
  • Now go to settings and privacy
  • Under settings and privacy choose settings option
  • When you click on settings, you just have to scroll down
  • Now, look for apps and websites option
  • When you will open it, you will see all the apps and websites logged in using your Facebook account

Note: I don’t have any auto liker app so it isn’t shown above, so you will have to browse your own apps.

  • You will see then have to find the app you used to login while using auto liker for the very first time
  • Usually it is; Nokia account, HTC sense, or Blackberry.
  • Click on the app you want to remove and you will see remove button
  • Click on it and you are done

Once you complete all the steps mentioned above, you will no longer like any status or photo of unknowns. If you want to cross check whether this has worked for you or not, keep checking your activity logs time to time.

I am sure this method will work for all.

We main reason why we use Facebook auto liker is to get famous. Not only common people use this but also big businessmen. This helps them to increase their likes on posts and increase their brand authority.

When it is useful for everyone then the question is, why we should not use Facebook auto liker. We will tell you why not to use Facebook auto liker.

Why we should not use Fb auto liker

It is because it is a threat to the user’s security and privacy. Other major reasons are:

It gains access to user private messages

When you use Fb auto liker, it gains access to your messages not keeping your private messages private anymore.

It automatically posts random stuff on timeline

Many users have complained about the issue of Facebook posting randomly on their timeline.

It can hack your Facebook profile

When you start using Fb auto liker it increases the risk of your Facebook account getting hacked.

Send random messages to your Facebook friends

You will not even know when this happened and your Facebook friend will receive a message by your name.

It can change your Facebook password

When you start using Facebook auto liker it gets your personal information. So, chances are your password may get changed.

Now, the question is if not to use Facebook auto liker then how to increase likes on your Facebook post.

Stop worrying, we have a solution to that as well.

What to use instead of using Facebook auto liker?

You can use other 2 things to get likes. These are:

First one: Social Exchange

You don’t have to spend a penny to do so. It does not even ask for your password or other personal details.

You just have to sign up using your Gmail account. Below are some of social exchanges:





If you don’t want to try social exchange, you can try the other one mentioned below.

Second one: Buy Facebook Likes

This is said to be the best and safest way to increases likes on Fb posts. It does not need any Password or TOKEN.

They just only require your account location and photo. This method is safe and hence, highly recommended. 

You can use socialmedia99.com for buying likes for your Facebook post.

We also have a way if you want to know if any person or business page has fake likes.

Here is how you can do so:

Look for their number of followers and friends and then compare them with the number of likes they get.

Go to their likes and see how all have liked their posts. You will usually see fake names or Korean or Chinese names on the profile.

If it’s their 1st or 2nd post and they have a large number of likes, it means they have fake likes.

So, now you know how to stop auto likes on Facebook. Not only this, but we have also told you why is it not safe to use Facebook auto liker.

Your safety is in your own hands, always think before you start using any app of this type. These apps are a big threat to your privacy. Use the ways mentioned above to be safe and get likes.

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