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How to post a job on Facebook

Just like everything else, nowadays job hiring is also possible online and you must be wondering how to post a job online. Yes, you can attract potential job seekers via job posting on Facebook, because Facebook is no longer limited to life updates and statuses, now it is being used to sell merchandise, promote products and fill job positions.

According to NerdWallet, there are around 1.79 billion Facebook users and on an average an individual spends around 40 minutes on Facebook. This means Facebook is an appropriate platform to find capable employees. You can use the ‘Manage Jobs’ feature in Facebook to post a job on Facebook.

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Steps to post a job on Facebook

1. Log into your Facebook account

  • Fill login credentials to log into your Facebook account
  • In case you don’t have a business page, you’ll need to create one before posting a job on Facebook
  • Once you logged into your account further navigate to the right upper corner > from there choose ‘Menu’
  • From ‘Menu’ choose ‘Create’ then further select ‘Page,’ there on fill all the asked information and start your Facebook business page
how to post a job on facebook 1
  • Go to the left sidebar and find the option named ‘Manage Jobs.’ Here you can all jobs from the past and current jobs as well
  • Further to create a new job, tap on blue button on the top ‘Create a Job’

2. Add details about the job

  • Start filling the details about the job on the left sidebar
  • Fields will be named ‘Job title,’ ‘Full-time or part time’ and then ‘Job description’
  • In extra information you can add ‘Location,’ ‘Salary,’ ‘Schedule’ and ‘Benefits’
  • Information you will add will appear in the job post preview available on the right side of the screen

Be creative with the job description, so that you stand out in a crowd. Because this is the key step that will decide how many potential employees you attract to your post. Don’t forget to add an engaging picture and interesting video to describe the job role and work environment.

  • Once you are satisfied with the job post preview then tap on ‘Next’
  • Now choose where you want your job post to appear, in the job section only or on your company’s Facebook page as well. According to your choice, tick the checkboxes accordingly
  • Tap on ‘Post’ and hurrey your job post is published on the business page. And you have completed one main task of how to post a job on Facebook.
how to post a job on facebook 4

What’s next after posting job on Facebook

You need networking to reach wider audience

  • More you reach the audience, the more chances of getting capable employees. So once you posted the job on Facebook, ask current employees to share through their network on Facebook. So as to establish a good network
  • Also, ask your employees to give thumbs up to your job post on Facebook

Timely response to applicants

  • Only job posting won’t work, you’ll have to be consistent with checking and responding to the applicants on your job posting

You may need to improve the job description

  • Sometimes, even after job posting on Facebook, employers do not get the right candidate to hire, that means you need to provide accurate information about the job.

When hiring is closed

If your hiring needs are fulfilled or changed, you’ll be required to close the hiring from a job post on Facebook. Follow further steps to close the hiring in Facebook job post:

  • Go to ‘Manage Jobs’ tab and tap on ‘Close Job Post’
  • Now the job post won’t be available on your business page, but it will be visible to admins, to edit or renew the job post for next time.

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Cost to post a Job on Facebook

If you choose to only post the job on Facebook, it is absolutely free, but if you want Facebook to make your post available to a wider audience, you can choose to boost the job post. This is the crucial step when you are learning how to post a job on Facebook.

There is a pay-per-click model to run ads on Facebook. Facebook will ask for your budget and on that basis, it will run your job post as an advertisement to a wider audience on Facebook. How to boost job post on Facebook

How to boost job post on Facebook

how to post a job on facebook 2
  • Go to your business page > click on ‘Ad center’ available towards left bottom
  • Now tap on ‘Create Ad’ available on the right side bar
  • Choose ‘Boost a post” > now choose the job post you wish to boost
  • Further Facebook will ask you to define your target audience for your job post. You can focus the audience on the basis of interests, geographical location, educational qualification and other criteria. This way, you’ll be able to reach the right audience for your job post
how to post a job on facebook 3
  • At last, choose the budget and duration for the boosted job post then tap “Boost Post Now.” Once you cleared this boosting part, now you understand how to post a job online.

 if you want to reach a wider audience and get a good amount of response. Only knowing the answer to ‘how to post a job on facebook’ is not enough, you need networking skills and an advertisement boost to your post. So, don’t waste your time on ancient methods of hiring and get the process done faster by using the above mentioned techniques.

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