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How to Know who changed your Gmail Password

Was your Google account hacked? Or has someone misused your given credentials for their benefit? But how to know who changed my gmail password? Before you find an answer to this, you should know How to Recover Gmail Account without a Password and Mobile Number?    

Once you get your Gmail password back, now you can go to the activity section of your Gmail account to find out who changed your password.

Note: Google has security and recovery options available within your account. Other than these options, Google does not have options for personal assistance.

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How to Know who changed your Gmail 1

How to know who changed my gmail password?

Google has already given an inbuilt option to keep track of the login activity on your account. You have to follow further steps, and you’ll be there.

Last account activity

The last account activity will reveal upto the last 10 IP addresses that accessed your Gmail account. Sign-in history will include the date and time and the IP address on which your account was accessed. 

Following are the steps to see your account activity:

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Information you get 

Access type

Access type will tell you about the mail server or device (like IMAP or POP) from where your Gmail was accessed.

In case you have authorized an application, you will see the location of the 3rd party application.

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Location or IP address 

You’llYou’ll be able to find out the last 10 IP addresses or locations of systems from where your Gmail was accessed.

Note: if you want a shortcut, you can visit the Recent Security Events Page; from there, you can find security updates that occur when there’sthere’s any suspicion for your account security.

In case you find suspicious Activity in the Recent Security Events section, you’ll also find 3 IP addresses called suspicious by Google security.

How to Know who changed your Gmail Password 2

Why do you see multiple addresses, not just one, in your activity section

Suppose you were lucky to recover your account and also understand how to know who changed my gmail password. Now you can track down whosoever has done this to you. There are abundant hackers ready to take advantage of your Gmail account for their businesses. So it’sit’s better your turn on two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of protection to your Gmail account. 

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