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How to Install ThopTV in Android TV

You can make your Android or Smart TV smarter if you just know how to install ThopTV in Android TV. Smart TV is a great source of entertainment. It is also constantly being updated with latest technologies and features to prevent any glitch or interruption that can come between entertainment and the users.

A Smart TV becomes smarter with the way how it is use. Brace yourself to perfectly utilize the advanced features that your Android TV has. You can attach a pen-drive to it, use firestick, connect to the Internet, connect with Bluetooth to share files, share mobile screen, etc.

But you do not need to do any of the above to get your dose of entertainment if you install ThopTV as that is enough to meet all your requirements.

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How to Install ThopTV in Android Tv?

install thoptv in android tv

Follow the below-mentioned easiest step-by-step guide to install ThopTV:

I. Turn on your Android or Smart TV

II. Launch the default browser from the App drawer

III. On the URL box, write “ThopTV APK”

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IV. Click on the download button. Choose the latest version to download

V. Open the file manager folder and find the downloaded file

VI. Click on the “install” option

VII. Once the installation is completed, Sign Up or login to your account

VIII. As prompted on screen, choose your preferred language(s), TV shows, etc.

Features of ThopTV for Smart TV

 install thoptv in android tv 2

Find out some of the great features of ThopTV for Smart TV given below:

  • Use any network to install ThopTV application
  • ThopTV works on any brand of Smart TV or Android TV
  • Access to 3000+ radio channels is also given
  • Access to 5000+ channels is given in any language, category, etc.
  • Watch everything in HD quality
  • Live TV support
  • Live casting feature using Chromecast
  • User-friendly UI
  • Updated regularly
  • Subtitle support

There are many other features of ThopTV as well which you will be able to explore once you install the application.

Is ThopTv Safe to Use on Smart TV?

One of the most pertaining questions that every person has is if it is safe to use ThopTV on Smart TV. Well, it is understandable if someone is sceptical about using a new application on their Android TV, but experts believe that it is safe. It fully ensures the safety and security of your critical data and information available on the Smart TV platform. Complete confidentiality is maintained by the makers of the application.

Now that you know the entire process of how to install ThopTV in Android TV and certain about the fact that it is safe to use, what are you waiting for? Turn on your Smart TV and get online to download this amazing app to open up to a new world of entertainment.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
Dipanita Bhowmick
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