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How to Identify Fake Apps in Google Play Store and iOS

Apps have become an integral part of the smartphone’s ecosystem. From private messaging apps to mailing apps to video calling apps to games, shopping apps, motivational apps, workout apps, there are a zillion apps available for free download. With so many apps come the problem of fake or malicious apps that can steal sensitive data from your mobile. In this article, we will tell you how to identify fake apps.

Recently, both Google and Apple App store have removed numerous apps for security reasons. Although the tech giants keep revising their security policies to identify fake apps yet there are times when imposter apps still make their way to the app store. These apps create a nuisance, slow down the performance of the smartphone, and can even install malicious software designed by hackers to steal all personal information stored in your mobile. Thus, it is important to be wary and to know how to identify fake apps in Google Play Store and iOS.

Fake apps take over your phone

Once a fake app is able to make its way into your mobile, it can do a lot of harm. Cyber thieves use malware through ads to run in the background of your device to do damage. They keep an eye on your activity, and can even steal sensitive data, including photos, videos, and even messages to blackmail you. And it only gets worse, as some fake apps can take over functions such as the microphone or the camera, or damage the phone itself.

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How to identify fake apps in Google Play Store and iOS

Identify Fake Apps 2

You can try different methods to spot fake apps. Some of them are:

Read the description carefully

While searching for a particular app, we often see that there are many apps with a similar name. this can get confusing if you don’t know how to identify fake apps. To make sure that you don’t download a fake app, look for spelling errors in the name as well as the description.

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Do not forget to read the description carefully, and whilst doing so, check for for tags like “Editor’s Choice” and “Top Developer”. You will notice that such tags are usually missing in the fake apps. To ensure complete safety, you can also visit the publishers’ website to make sure you don’t download a fake app.

Check the download count

Popular and original apps will always have a higher download count than its counterpart. If an app has less downloads of around 5,000 or less, the probability of it being a fake one is pretty high.

Take screenshots before installing the app

Though this might seem like a tedious and unnecessary step, it is, in fact, a great way to identify fake apps. A fake app will most likely have weird wordings and strange photos in the screenshot. Also, check for reviews and ratings before you install the app. Give them a good read and only then install the app to ensure your privacy is not hampered.

Check the publish date

Always look for the app publish date. Most fake apps will have a recent publication date. Genuine apps, on the other hand, will usually show “updated on” dates.

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Tip: Keep an eye on the permissions a particular app is asking for. In case you are downloading a third-party app, it will request you grant permission to access the contacts list, and even storage for backup. However, if an app is asking for permission to access the microphone, audio, and photos, please uninstall the app immediately.

We hope the aforementioned tips will help you in how to identify fake apps before you download them. Let us know if you need assistance with anything else. Our technical team would be happy to assist.

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