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How to Fix YouTube Error 503 in Six Different Ways?

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Are you getting the error message ‘There was a problem with network [503]’ and thus want to know how to fix YouTube error 503? People are seeing this error message whether they are using the app on Android, iOS, or Windows. This error message is appearing whenever people are trying to watch a video from the Watch Later list. Strangely, the videos are playing when searched normally. YouTube does not even load descriptions and comments for the videos when this error occurs.  

How to Fix YouTube Error 503?

I. Refresh YouTube

Sometimes the solution can be as simple as refreshing revisiting the app after closing it. The error can sometimes be temporary and doing a quick refresh is all that is needed to get the app back up and running. You can either reload the page where you are experiencing the error or go back to the Home page and try to watch the videos again.

II. Status Verification of Google Servers

Visit websites like Outage or DownDetector to find out whether or not other users are facing the same issue as you. You can also visit the official Twitter handle of YouTube to check if they have posted any information on scheduled maintenance or power outage issues they might be facing.

If you want to know how to fix youTube error 503 if the problem is with Google’s Server. Well, then you would have to wait till it is fixed by the tech giant itself.

III. Delete Videos from the Watch Later List

how to fix youtube error 503 2

It is seen in most cases that people with lots of videos in their Watch Later list are experiencing this issue. And when they restarted the app after deleting the videos the error message did not trigger even after new videos are added to the Watch Later list. Although there is no explanation as to why this method worked but it did fix the recurring issue.

IV. Clear Cache Data of YouTube

This issue could be client-side on Android devices. Thus, a lot of people reported that after clearing the cache data of YouTube on their devices, the error message did not appear. This is because deleting the cache help to remove corrupted data and unload some files.

This fix is effective for both new and old versions of Android and other builds. Here is a quick guide on how to fix YouTube error 503:

  • Tap on the Settings icon from your Home screen
  • Tap on Apps
  • Find YouTube by scrolling down the screen
  • Tap on Storage and click on Clear data and confirm
  • After the process is finished, click on Clear Cache and confirm
  • Restart the app and your issue would probably get resolved

V. Set APN Settings to Default

Many a time the error message never appeared after resetting the Access Point Names to their default values. This method was applied in several versions of Android. Here is how it is done:

  • Go to Settings from your Home screen
  • Click on Mobile data
  • Select your active data connection
  • Click on Access Point Names
  • Click on the three-dot icon and select Reset to Default
  • Restart the device and check whether the issue is resolved or not

VI. Power Cycle Your Device

how to fix youtube error 503 1

Power cycling can help to refresh the network connection and may resolve the issue of error messages as well. Given below is the step-by-step guide:

  • Turn off your computer or laptop or unplug your router and modem
  • Wait for 1 minute or more
  • Plug back the modem and router
  • Turn on the device and re-launch YouTube
  • If using a smartphone rebooting it, turning off and on or turning off and on the data, or keeping the phone in Flight mode for some time before bringing it to normal can resolve the issue.

This could be helpful since the fault may be of the website you are visiting. There is a possibility of an issue with the DNS server configurations on your computer or router as well. These issues might be resolved by a simple restart.

You are now equipped with possible every way of how to fix YouTube error 503. Start with the basic ones before you move to the advanced method. One of these solutions will resolve the issue at hand. Still, if you face any problems, feel free to reach out to us.

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