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How to Fix “YouTube Auto Rotate Not Working” in 7 Different Ways!

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Not every problem needs a mighty solution to get resolved. You just need to know how to fix the issue. The same applies to YouTube’s auto-rotate feature not working. In this article, you will learn how to fix YouTube auto rotate not working in different ways.

How to fix YouTube auto rotate not working?

1. Restart your phone

Most small issues get resolved just by restarting the device. This is because it removes several temporary files from the phone which may cause different issues like the YouTube screen not rotating automatically.

To do the same, press and hold the power button, mostly found on the side of the device, and press the Restart option from the screen.

You can also turn it off and on as well. Once the phone is on again, check if the issue remains.

2. Turn on screen rotation

Even if you have turned on the screen rotation setting from the Quick Settings menu, you may try to do it directly from the Settings app. This step may resolve the issue. To do the same launch the Settings app>Display>toggle Auto-rotate screen to turn it on.

The UI may vary slightly from one phone to another or from Android to iOS.

Watch this YouTube video:

3. Use the screen rotation option within the app

Certain apps do not adhere to the default orientation of your phone’s settings. However, such apps most often than not have certain in-app options. The same applies to the auto-rotate option.

For instance, some video player apps will have an in-app option to change to landscape. YouTube also has this feature that you can turn on.

4. Do not touch the screen

It is a possibility that you are unknowingly touching the screen of the phone or the edges while trying to rotate it. This will prevent the device from rotating. Maintain a gap between your fingers and the screen and then maneuver the phone sideways.

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5. Remove apps installed recently

If you have started facing the problem after installing an app recently, it could be the culprit. Some apps interfere with the default or built-in functions of the device.

It is extremely easy to fix the issue in such situations. You just need to uninstall the app from your phone. To do the same go to the Settings apps>Apps & notifications>See all apps>Click Uninstall to remove the app>OK. You can restart the phone if you want.

You may also uninstall the app from the Google Play Store if you are using Android. For iOS, the process is similar.

6. Recalibrate the phone sensors

Smartphones have built-in sensors to identify if you have rotated the phone so that the screen rotates as well. However, the screen would not rotate while you rotate the phone if these sensors malfunction.

The phone can luckily be recalibrated to resolve most issues. There are built-in options to calibrate the sensors. Even third-party apps are available to get this done.

In most third-party apps that you may need to download if the phone does not have the option in-built, just making the figure 8 or in the air will get the sensors back to normal.

7. Use an app for screen rotation control

If none of the above solutions work for you, download an app that can let you use the auto-rotate feature without depending on the smartphone’s system. Such apps are available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can download the one with the best rating and most downloads and start using the same.

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It is frustrating when you are unable to rotate the screen when watching YouTube videos. The reason could be many and the solutions vary based on the same. If you find yourself struggling with the problem, try any or all of the methods provided here until the issue is fixed. If you like our take on how to fix YouTube auto rotate not working, share the information with others.

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