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How To Copy Text from A Picture You Downloaded?

Ever stumbled upon an intriguing quote in an image or a meme and wished you could just copy the text without having to type it out? Or perhaps you’ve been handed a printed document and thought about how much easier it would be if you could instantly digitize the text. 

In today’s digital age, retyping text from images feels almost archaic. Thankfully, with advancements in technology, extracting text from images has become a breeze. From memes on social media platforms like Facebook and Reddit to professional documents, the ability to seamlessly copy text from images can save you both time and potential typing errors. 

Let’s get started with our step-by-step guide on how to copy text from a picture! 

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How to copy text from a picture? 4 methods 

MacOS: using live text

– MacOS has a feature called “Live Text” that lets you copy text directly from images.

– You can use this in Safari, Preview, Photos, and Quick Look.

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– Simply open an image in these apps and select the text to copy.

– No special setup is needed. Just try copying text from an image like you would from a document.

– Note: For online images, this only works in Safari. For other browsers, download the image and open in Preview or Quick Look.

how to copy text from a picture 1

Windows: using text extractor in powertoys

– Windows doesn’t have a built-in feature like MacOS. But, you can use a tool called “Text Extractor.”

– This tool is part of “PowerToys,” a set of extra utilities for Windows.

– First, download and install PowerToys.

– Once set up, press “Windows + Shift + T” and select any screen area.

– Text Extractor will try to capture the text in the selected area. It works best with clear text on a plain background.

iPhone & iPad: live text feature

– Apple’s iPhones and iPads also have the “Live Text” feature.

– Open an image in Safari, Photos, or the Files app and select the text to copy.

– You can even use your camera! Point it at any text, tap the Live Text icon (three lines inside four corners) that appears, and copy the text.

– This is great for copying text from books or accessing URLs from posters.

Android: using google lens

– Android devices can extract text from images with “Google Lens.”

– It’s integrated into Google Photos and the camera app on Pixel phones.

– Open an image and tap the Lens icon (a circle inside 3 corners) at the bottom.

– If using the camera, slide to “Mode” and select “Lens.”

– You’ll see an option to copy the text from the image. Tap it, and it’s copied!

– Bonus: You can also search the text on Google or translate it.

how to copy text from a picture 2

Other ways to copy text from a picture 

Using brandfolder 

1. Visit Brandfolder.

2. Drag or upload the image to the popup box if you want to extract text from it. 

3. Once you select the image, click on ‘upload’.

4. After uploading, the system will begin extracting the text from the image.

5. The extracted text will be displayed in the box. From there, you can copy the text.


Different devices have their own ways of extracting text from images. Whether you’re using MacOS, Windows, iPhone, iPad, or Android, there’s a method for you. Follow the steps above for your device, and you’ll be copying text from images in no time!

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