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How to Change Font Style in Mi Phone

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We all love to personalize our phones. Both the aesthetics with a case or case, wallpapers, typeface, etc. lend our smartphone a personality and make it different from the rest. Amongst the multiple customization options MIUI offers, one can also change the font, its colour and size to meet individual requirements. So, if you are wondering “How to change font style in Mi phone?”, we have it charted down for you.

Users of Mi phones in some Asian regions can only avail this option of changing font in Mi phone. Also, before we tell you how to change font in Mi phone, it is important to note that the below mentioned steps will only work for MIUI 9, MIUI 10, and MIUI 11. In case you own a Xiaomi Mi A2 or Xiaomi Mi A3, these steps won’t apply.

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Simple steps to change font style in Mi phone

Change Font Style in Mi Phone 2

Changing the font will have implications throughout the system. In this way we can see the new font in the menus and the names of the applications. If you want to change the font style,

  • Go to Settings
  • Here tap on Additional settings, and then on Region
  • Next, select India or Hong Kong as a region.
  • Now go to the Themes application to download the preferred font from all the options
  • Click on Apply

Once you have successfully performed the above steps, it is best to restart or reboot the smartphone for the new feature to work properly. Once you restart the device, you will have installed the new font in the entire MIUI interface.

How to go back to the default font in Mi phone

Change Font Style in Mi Phone 1

Yes, you can go back to the default font style anytime. To do so,

  • Go to Settings> Display> System font
  • Here you will see Themes application. Now, go to «My Fonts» and choose the default MIUI font 
  • Simple!

How to change font colour in Mi phone

If you want to know how to change font style and font colour in Mi phone, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Settings> Display> Colour scheme
  • Here, choose the temperature and colour to change the font colour of Mi phone

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Let us know if you face any difficulty in changing the font style in Mi phone. Our technical team would be happy to solve all your queries. You can also sign in for our newsletter to receive latest Mi news and updates in your mailbox.

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