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How to Call a Blocked Number?

We’ve all been there: a long-lost friend, an old business associate, or a loved one whose number, for one reason or another, has ended up on our blocked list. You’d like to make amends, reestablish the connection, but the moment you pick up your phone, you hit the digital wall – that confounding blocked number. It feels like staring at a locked door with no key in sight.

But here’s the good news: The “digital key” you’re looking for does exist. In fact, it’s been under your nose all along, hiding within your phone’s settings and service provider’s capabilities.

In our comprehensive guide on “How to Call a Blocked Number” we will be breaking down the steps to know how to call someone who has blocked you. 

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Let’s get started, shall we?

How to call a blocked number?

Here is how to call someone who has blocked you with simple and easy to follow methods. 

1. Try Another Phone

The easiest solution is to use a different phone. Phones don’t block people, they block specific numbers. Hence, making a call from a new number gets you around the block.

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Public payphones are scarce, so that’s unlikely to work. You could ask your workplace or a local business for permission to use their phone, although you might need some solid reasoning. The most feasible option could be to borrow a phone from a friend or a family member. Ensure you’re not involving them in any messy situations.

How to Call a Blocked Number 1

2. Use *67 Code

Inputting *67 before dialing a number is an old-school trick to hide your number. For example, you’ll dial *67 followed by the target number like this: *67-XXX-XXX-XXXX. In this case, your call will display as “Unknown” or “Private Number” on the receiver’s phone.

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3. Hide Your Caller ID 

You can alter your Caller ID settings on both Apple and Android devices to appear as “Hidden”. Here’s how:

iPhone Users:

  •  Launch the “Settings” app.
  • Tap on the “Phone” option.
  • Scroll to find “Show My Caller ID”.
  • Toggle it to the “Off” position.
How to call a blocked number 2

Android Users:

  •  Launch the “Settings” app.
  • Choose “Additional Settings”.
  • Select the “Caller ID” option.
  • Choose “Hide Number”.

4. Use the Burner App

Many people disregard calls from “Unknown” or “Private” numbers. In this case, the Burner app can be beneficial. Burner assigns you a real phone number that appears on the receiver’s Caller ID as a regular number.

After downloading Burner, you choose an area code and select from ten phone numbers associated with it. This selected number can be used to call the person who blocked you, with them unaware it’s you. You can maintain this number for as long as you want and add more lines if needed. There’s also a free seven-day trial.

5. Change Your Phone Number

While this might seem radical, it’s an effective way to reach out if you’ve been blocked. However, remember that you would need to update all your contacts with the new number and modify all your online contact details.

Changing your number is straightforward. Call your service provider and request a new one. It’s generally free and usually doesn’t require a specific reason. But once you change it, remember that there’s no turning back; you’ll lose your current number forever.


That call you’ve been meaning to make? It’s now just a few taps away with our effective methods.  Remember, it’s not just about getting through to a blocked number – it’s about opening up lines of communication that were previously closed. And in that, we hope you’ve found some value in our guide.

As we have come towards the end of our guide on how to call a blocked number and we hope by now you know how to call someone who has blocked you. 

And remember, no matter what tech challenge you face, there’s always a solution waiting to be discovered on TechThirsty. 

Until next time, happy dialing!

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