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How to Block Ads on Facebook App?

Block Ads on Facebook App

There are nearly 3 million advertisers on Facebook, and Facebook ads have the potential to reach 34.1% of the population worldwide over the age of 13. With more than 2.2 billion active users globally, Facebook is one of the popular social media platforms. Facebook Ads are a popular form of online marketing that helps brands to market their business and target their customers by gender, interest, age, location and various other filters. But to be honest they have given rise to “how to block ads on Facebook app” query. 

Picture this, you are scrolling through Facebook and enjoying interesting updates but from nowhere ads start popping up! Yes, we know, it isn’t very pleasant! It is not only annoying but also intimidating how someone can keep irritating you. 

It’s evident that Facebook generates revenue by running ads, therefore, there is no way that you can stop them from advertising, but yes, you can get rid of them. 
We have mentioned effective ways to solve your pain point on how to block ads on Facebook app.

How to block Ads on facebook app? follow these 4 effective methods 

Let’s get started with practical methods to block ads on Facebook apps forever. These methods are not only practical but result-oriented too. 

How to block ads on facebook apps using a chrome extension? 

There are various ad blocker chrome extensions that prevent ads from popping up on certain pages. These ad blocker softwares also protect you from third-party trackers who are on the lookout to steal your data. 

Follow these steps to block ads on Facebook using a chrome extension. 

  • Get a reliable and trustable ad blocker chrome extension and install it in the browser of your choice. 
  • Now install the software. 
  • Enable the filters and enjoy ad-free Facebook surfing. 

It is vital to evaluate an ad block chrome extension before installing it because it can lead to data leakage. 

How to block ads on facebook app with an ad blocker? 

Ad blockers are also an effective way to block ads on Facebook apps. Here are the steps you can follow to stop seeing ads on Facebook apps. 

  • Download and install an ad blocker. There are a few apps that don’t require you to sign up. 
  • Go to browsing and then to ads and popups. 
  • Now click on next. 
  • Follow the instructions that appear on-screen and install the ad-blocker app on your phone.  
  • Now your Facebook ads will be gone. 

How to block ads on facebook app by blocking targeted ads? 

You can block ads on Facebook apps by disabling targeted advertisements by following these steps. 

  • Open your Facebook app and log in to your account. 
  • Go to the hamburger menu icon. 
  • Now, go to the “settings & privacy” feature. 
  • Tap on the tap “settings” and go to “ad preferences” under the “Permission” section. 
  • Under “Ad Preferences”, select “Ad Settings.” 
  • In the “Add settings”, go to “Ads based on data from partners” and change it to “not allowed.”
  • Now change the “Ads based on your activity on Facebook/products you see elsewhere” option to “not allowed.” 

How to block ads on facebook adjusting facebook ad preferences? 

Well, you can’t directly tell Facebook to block ads, but instead, you can limit ads by adjusting the ad preferences on Facebook. 

Facebook not only allows you to adjust your ad preference settings but also allows you to see posts you liked on Facebook earlier

Here are the steps you can follow to adjust facebook ad preferences: 

  • Open the Facebook app and log in with your credentials. 
  • Tap on the menu section, and a drop-down menu will appear. 
  • Scroll down through the drop-down menu and tap on the “settings & privacy” option. 
  • Now tap on settings. 
  • Under the settings, go to permissions. 
  • Tap on “ad preferences.”
  • Under “ad preferences”, go to “ad topic.”
  • Enter the interest of your choice
  • After selecting your interest now, select “no preferences” and “see less.” 
  • Now save the settings and enjoy fewer and more personalized ads. 


Blocking irritating ads on Facebook is all social media lovers need. We hope our steps on how to block ads on the Facebook app were simple and effective. 

Do share in the comment section whether these methods are effective or not!