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How to Backup Facebook in 2023? 

Individuals transfer tons of data to Facebook. Over the long time, people all over the world have effortlessly transferred thousands of photographs and recordings to their Facebook account. But in case one day reinforcement is needed for all the photographs or indeed spare them all before deactivating Facebook account. Not even that, one should anyway keep a backup of their data instead of relying on the social media platform. There’s a simple way to do this. Examined on how to backup Facebook.

Due to the increment in security assaults, it is additionally a great reason to back up Facebook information. Additionally, the plausibility of the account being erased by oneself or somebody else intentionally or inadvertently can’t be overlooked. Facebook as of now has this highlight accessible beneath the setting page, permitting one to take a reinforcement of a Facebook account. With this reinforcement highlight, one can download transferred photographs, recordings, contacts, and other data on nearby frameworks.

What data to back up on Facebook?

  • Backup Facebook Photographs and Videos Posts,
  • Chat Messages, Comments, Likes & Responses, and other Profile details.
  • Backup all contact points of interest and other information like Pages, Groups, Followings, Associations, Logged Data, Security and Login Data, Advertisements data, etc.

 Below are the steps to backup Facebook in 2023

  • Log in to  Facebook Account and Explore to “Settings”
  • Tap on “Your Facebook Information,” then click on “Download your Information,” and tap on the “View” button
  • A default page will appear showing Request a download option
  • Here, select “HTML” or “JSON” under the Format drop-down. (HTML format will be good if one wants to download it on the system, and is easily viewable offline. In comparison, JSON format is required when one wants to import  Facebook data to another service provider).
  • Choose the quality of media from High, Medium, or Low
  • Within the Date Range drop-down alternative, select the time period from the given options.
  •  Click on the checkbox to choose or deselect the information need in backup
  • Scroll down the page and find “Request a download” button and click on it
  • Explore to the “Available Files” tab.

Facebook Backup download may take time.  Once the record is prepared, the user ought to get an mail notice from Facebook to download it. Beneath the Available Files tab area, A button to download the file in ZIP format will appear.

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How to download all pictures From a Facebook profile using Android?

Keeping the data of all the photos uploaded on Facebook is also a part of backup.

Android clients can moreover download all their Facebook photographs in one compressed record. If one has got an Android phone or tablet, here’s what to do to backup Facebook photos and videos:

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  • Open the Facebook app and tap the hamburger icon at the right corner of the screen
  • Open “Settings” and look for “Your Facebook Information
Backup Facebook 2022 5
  • Now, select “Download your Information
Backup Facebook 2022 6
  • Click on “Photos and Videos” and continue to select the date run, record arrange, and media quality
Backup Facebook 2022 7
  • Click on “Create File” and let Facebook accumulate all media
Backup Facebook 2022 8
  • Lastly, go to the “Available Copies” and download the file.

How to download all pictures From a Facebook profile using an iPhone?

People using iPhone too can download all photographs from their Facebook profiles to their gadgets. Before proceeding with the downloading process, we recommend ensuring sufficient storage capacity on the phone. To back Facebook photos and videos using iPhone:

  • Open the “Facebook app” on  iPhone and click on the “hamburger icon
  • Tap on “Settings” and to the “Your Facebook Information” section
Backup Facebook 2022 1
  • Go to “Download Your Information
Backup Facebook 2022 2
  • Select the “Photos and Videos” option, deselecting all categories
Backup Facebook 2022 3
  • After choosing date range, format, and media quality, and tap on “Create File
Backup Facebook 2022 4
  • Then, click on “Available Copies” tab
  • Now, tap on the “Download” button. Here, password needs to be entered. After doing so, tap on “Continue’


In the end, in order to backup Facebook photos and videos, select to save the file to either iPhone camera roll or iCloud.

No one should neglect the supremacy of data in today’s world. In the digital world, all we have in the name of memories is just data which people post on social media apps like Facebook. With the methods shown above, one could backup Facebook in 2023.

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