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How to Add Music in Whatsapp Status?

Imagine this: you’ve just captured the perfect photo or video for your WhatsApp status, it embodies the mood you’re in, the vibe you want to share, but it lacks that special spark. That extra layer of emotion. What could possibly be missing? The answer is quite simple: music. Music has the power to transform any moment, making it more impactful and memorable. Fortunately, adding your favorite tunes to your WhatsApp status isn’t as daunting as it might seem, and can amplify the message you’re conveying.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the simple, yet exciting process of how to add music to your WhatsApp status. Whether you’re a complete tech newbie or an advanced user, you’ll find this guide easy to follow and implement.

How to Add Music in Whatsapp Status?

Method 1: Using Phone Speaker 

Here is a revised and formatted guide to adding a song to your WhatsApp Status, utilizing the phone’s speaker. This technique works due to WhatsApp’s feature that lets you incorporate a sound in your video while updating your status:

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1. Get WhatsApp Ready: If you don’t have WhatsApp, download it from your app store and open it.

2. Play Your Song: Go to your music app. Play the song you want for your WhatsApp Status. Make sure the volume sounds good.

3. Make a Video: Go back to WhatsApp and click ‘Status’. Tap the little Plus or Camera button. Hold the capture button to make a video. Your music will play in the background.

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4. Share Your Status: When your video is done, press the Arrow button. This will put your song on your Status video. Now, you can share it with your friends.

Method 2: Add via a Video Editing App 

Here’s an efficient way to add music to your WhatsApp status by using a video editing app. We’ll use the Inshot Video Editor as an example. It’s an all-encompassing editing app with numerous features for adding music to your status.

1. Install Inshot on your phone and launch the app.

2. Select the ‘Video’ option on the main screen to pick the photo or video you’d like to set as your Status. Then, navigate to the ‘Music’ tab from the toolbar.

3. Explore the song library, select the music you want to incorporate in your WhatsApp Status and tap ‘Use’. The ‘Effects’ tab allows you to add audio effects to your Status video or picture.

4. Save and download your video onto your phone. Now, go to WhatsApp > Status, tap the plus icon to upload the video, and click ‘Send’ to share your musical WhatsApp Status with your contacts.

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We’ve journeyed through the surprisingly simple process of how to add music in whatsapp status. Remember, the key to a memorable status update isn’t just about the perfect snapshot or video, it’s about blending the right audio-visual elements together to create a compelling narrative.

With the ability to add music, your WhatsApp status becomes more than just a status, it becomes a storytelling platform that allows you to share your moments with an added layer of emotion and personality.

So, the next time you’re about to update your status, don’t just add an image or a video, sprinkle a bit of your favorite melody and watch as your status comes alive in the hearts of your friends and family. 

Happy sharing!

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