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How to Save Messages or Bookmarks in MS Teams?

In today’s increasingly digitized business landscape, communication and collaboration tools have transformed how we work. A prime example of this transformation is Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork in Office 365. It is imperative to leverage all of the platform’s capabilities to boost productivity and streamline our workflow. With this in mind, this blog post will enlighten you on how to save messages or bookmarks in ms teams. By saving messages or bookmarks it empowers you to earmark critical messages or discussions, acting as a digital beacon to guide you back to them whenever necessary. 

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What are benefits of saving messages or bookmarking in MS teams?

Saving messages or creating bookmarks in Microsoft Teams provides a multitude of benefits, especially when it comes to enhancing productivity, efficiency, and communication within a team. Here are some key advantages:

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  • Ease of Reference: By saving or bookmarking messages, you can quickly refer back to crucial pieces of information, discussions, or decisions without having to scroll through extensive chat histories.
  • Improved Organization: The saved messages feature allows you to organize important content in a single, easily accessible place. This helps in better management of information and reduces the time spent searching for specific data or details.
  • Efficient Communication: With the ability to bookmark and save messages, you can easily follow up on tasks or topics of discussion, ensuring nothing important is missed or overlooked.
  • Focus on Key Information: Saving a message allows you to highlight key information or announcements within a chat or channel. This enables better focus on important data, deadlines, or tasks.
  • Time Management: By minimizing the time spent scrolling through messages to find specific information, the save and bookmark feature aids in efficient time management, which is crucial in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Privacy: The author of a message does not know when you save their message, providing a private way to mark items for future reference.

Remember, however, that the effectiveness of this feature largely depends on its judicious use. It’s best to save or bookmark those messages that are truly important to avoid cluttering your saved messages list.

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How to save messages or chats in MS teams?

1. Select the Chat or Messages: Within Microsoft Teams, identify the specific chat or channel message you wish to bookmark.

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2. Open More Options: As you hover your cursor over the identified message, you’ll notice three ellipses, or ‘More options,’ appear in the upper-right corner of the chat bubble. 

3. Bookmark the Message: Click on the ‘More options’ and select the ‘Save this message’ function. Upon doing this, a fleeting red bookmark icon will emerge near your profile in the Teams interface, while a notification confirms that your chosen message has been saved. Notably, this process of saving or bookmarking messages is discrete, and the original author of the message will be unaware of your action.

How to view your bookmarked messages?

  • Through Your Profile:  To retrieve your saved or bookmarked messages, click on your profile in the upper-right corner of the Teams interface, and select the ‘Saved’ tab. This will direct you to your compilation of bookmarked chats and messages.
  • Via Command Box: An alternative method is to utilize the Command box, which is conveniently accessible from any point within Teams. Simply engage the Command box at the top of the interface (or use the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + E) and enter ‘/saved’. This will display your chronologically arranged list of saved messages.

How are your saved messages displayed? 

Remember that your saved or bookmarked messages are displayed in chronological order and this arrangement cannot be altered. This bookmarking feature in Microsoft Teams is especially beneficial for referencing key chat messages or crucial channel conversations in an efficient and organized manner.

How to unsave messages in microsoft teams?

1. Access Saved Messages: Begin by viewing your saved messages. This can be done either through your profile’s ‘Saved’ tab or by using the ‘/saved’ command in the Command box.

2. Locate the Message: In the list of saved messages, find the message you no longer need to keep saved.

3. Unsave the Message: Towards the right of the chosen message, you’ll find a red bookmark icon. Click on this icon and select ‘Unsave this message’ from the options. This action will remove the message from your saved list.


Wrapping up, we’ve walked you through the process on how to save messages or bookmarks in MS Teams, illustrating how this feature can transform your digital collaboration and communication experience. The ability to bookmark important messages is more than a convenience – it’s a powerful productivity tool that ensures pertinent information is always a click away. By effectively leveraging this feature, we can enhance our interaction with this robust platform and make work life more organized and efficient.

Always remember, the value of a tool is determined by how effectively you utilize it. So go ahead, make the most out of MS Teams, and stay tuned for more insights into maximizing your digital workspace.

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