Wonder “why do my apps keep crashing?” Do they freeze and stop working? Now we know that Android is an excellent OS as it allows us to download, install and run various applications, not only from the Google Play store but also from other unknown sources, people often complain about apps keep crashing Android.

There are several reasons why apps start behaving abruptly. Although Considering the consider the wide range of chipsets, different screen resolutions, custom skins on Android smartphones, apps keep crashing Android.  Apps can also start performing weirdly if they are not coded properly.

Reasons for Android all apps crashing

  • Unstable Wi-Fi connection
  • Latest app update not installed
  • Not enough storage
  • Device’s internal memory is full

We know it can be truly annoying when your favourite app suddenly stops or hangs and you are directed back to the Home Screen. This generally happens when you update your device software but forget to download App updates from the Play Store.

apps keep crashing 1

Another reason for Android app crashing is a slow or unstable Wi-fi connection. Your apps may even not perform better if there isn’t enough storage in your mobile and you are using heavy gaming app as these tend to clog up the phone’s internal memory as well as corrupts its cache partition and Apps cache and data.

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How to fix Android all apps crashing

There are different ways to fix Android apps crashing. These include:

Force stop the app

The simplest way to fix the apps keep crashing Android is to force stop it and open it again.

To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Apps and select the app that keeps crashing
  • Tap on the app’s name and then tap on ‘Force stop’

Restart your handset

Restart your handset 2

To avoid Android app apps crashing, simply restart the device. Restarting the smartphone will help in clearing the memory and improve the performance of the installed apps.

Clear app data

If the above two steps don’t help, then it’s best to clear up the app data. Go to Settings > Apps and select the app and click on ‘Clear data’ or ‘Clear storage’. This will automatically delete all the data saved in the app.

Often, Android apps build up large caches based on usage. It is recommended to clear cached data on a regular basis to not only improve the app’s performance but also of your phone.

You might also require to clean up the storage space to get rid of junk. Unwanted pictures, images, videos, and apps eat too much space and restrict certain apps from working optimally. Go to Settings > Apps to uninstall unwanted apps and games.

Boot your phone in recovery mode.

Use the volume buttons to go through the menu in recovery and head on to the Recovery Mode option then select it with the power button. Here, select the “Wipe Cache Partition” option. After the cache partition has been cleared, select the “Reboot System Now” option to reboot your phone.

Recovery mode

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Keep your apps updated

Although it is bugging to keep updating apps, the developers keep pushing new updates to fix bugs. When you update apps on a regular basis, you will find the apps perform better and do not drain out the battery.

 We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you solve apps keep crashing Android. Write to us if you are facing any other difficulties with Android apps. We’d be happy to help.