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The Best Android Apps To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

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Android devices have always struggled on the battery front. There are a number of free battery saving applications available on Google plate which will extend the battery life of your device. If the battery is draining quickly, that does not mean that your smartphone has issues.

On the contrary, it reflects the tasks your phone does. Most android users often use internet for various tasks such as messaging, watching videos and listening to the music. All these tasks drain the battery very quickly hence’ you must install a good battery saving application on your device to get rid of this issue. Some of the most popular and highly rated battery saving apps are listed below

  • The best android apps which will make your battery last longer Battery doctor- Battery doctor is amidst one of the most downloaded battery saving apps on Google play. It comes with many advanced feature like silent mode, gaming mode, stop auto restart of apps etc.
  • Du battery saver- one of the best features of this apps is that it does not slow down the device and is very easy to use. It also informs the users if the device is running multiple background processes.    
  • Avast battery Saver- this recently launched application has gained instant popularity due to its high end functionality
  • ES battery saver- This battery saver is amidst of the most trusted battery saving apps on Google play. The paid version of the apps hosts many exciting features.
  • 2 Battery- This app controls your battery by monitoring your internet usage.

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