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Find Out How to Block Someone on Google Pay Here

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Google Pay is one of the most widely used apps to send and receive payments over UPI. However, if some unknown person requests money from you or if you don’t want someone to contact you on GPay then you can block that person. In this post, we help you learn a few hacks on how to block someone on Google Pay.

You can easily block a person on Google Pay on both Android as well as iOS devices. Here’s how.

How to block someone on Google Pay?

  • Using Android

1. Open the Google Pay app 

2. From the bottom of the screen, slide your finger up to show your contacts

3. Next, tap the person you want to block

4. Click on More option

5. Tap on Block from the given options

That’s it! You can block the person you want by following these simple steps.

  • Using iOS

 1. Open the Google Pay app

2. From the bottom of the screen, slide your finger up to show your contacts.

3. Next, tap the person you want to block

4. Click on More option

5. Tap Block from the given options to block the person.

Here are a few frequently asked questions you might be interested to know the answers to.

block someone on google pay 1
  • What will happen if you block a person?

Firstly, the person you blocked will not be able to make any requests on the app and secondly, that person might be blocked on other Google products as well.

  • What happens if you lose your phone?

If your phone is stolen or lost, you can lock and erase the date on GPay using Find My Device. You can even lock your phone completely to ensure nobody has access to your Google Pay account.

  • Will Google Pay refund the money you lost to any scam?

In case you notice any fraudulent purchase or money was sent or received wrongfully, you can dispute the transaction. You may also cancel some payments you made using GPay.

Types of Google Pay frauds to avoid

  • If an unknown person requests you to purchase something or use their services but instead of sending you a request to pay money to your account, they request your account to send them money, you should avoid making payments then.
block someone on google pay 2
  • Some numbers that keep making scams come under GPay radar and Google will send a warning saying the number is possibly fraudulent and you need to be cautious while dealing with it.
  • Delete apps that are replicas of Google Pay that you may have accidentally downloaded.
  • An unknown person sends you a payment request on Google Pay but directs you to a different app or website instead of Google Pay to complete the transaction. This is more likely to be a scam unless the person has some legitimate reason for choosing another path for the transaction.


While Google Pay is a convenient tool for online financial transactions, it is also a place for scammers. We recommend you use GPay to make transactions with accounts you are completely sure of. Also, now that you know how to block someone on Google Pay, follow the steps to block any number you suspect of being a fraud.

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