We all know game hacking and cheating is bad, but in case of gaming, this trend has been alive for a while now. If you want to hack a game of your choice, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed most trusted Android game hacking apps, which will help you hack games without having to pay for them. You can choose the best one for you. These apps will allow you to customise the way games operate on Android devices. Let’s find out the best gaming hack apps.

Android Gaming Hack Apps

You can also boost your score with these Android gaming hack apps. But, remember, not every mobile game can be hacked. Games which have files saved offline into mobile devices are the only games that have a higher chance of getting hacked as opposed to server-based games

Android Game Hacking Apps

Here are top 5 Android gaming hack apps:


The app offers multi-platform game hacking tips and tricks. An Android gaming hack app, it can help gamers with in-game cash, high scores, extra lives, etc. the app also has several tutorial videos for gamers to understand how HackerBot hacks work, and comes with a built-in search engine to find the most relevant hack results.


HackerBot can help you with popular games like PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone, Pokemon Go Minecraft, etc. To download the Android gaming hack app, click here.

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Cheat Engine

 This Android game hacking app is absolutely free to use and is in fact known to work best for single-player or offline games. The app provides a platform for gamers to modify difficulty settings of single-player games. Users can even debug issues experienced in these games.

The app can be easily used for speed hacks, system inspection, direct 3D manipulation, debugs, assembler, disassembler, and more. You can download Cheat Engine here.


This one seems to be the simplest app that allows you to hack Android games. Basically, it allows you to pass by the limitations and enjoy your favorite game, without actually paying for in-app purchases.


The app doesn’t require you to have any programming knowledge as it allows users to manually set a number of lives, coins, and more. The Android gaming hack app even allows gamers to to fake the IAP buying process.

 Remember, when downloading apps from other sources, it is necessary to enable the option “Unknown sources.” You can see it in “Security”, under “Settings”.

Leo Playcard

This one is another easy-to-use Android gaming hack app. The app allows gamers to download paid Android games for free. The app is designed to work with offline games only and will not work on multiplayer games.

Leo Playcard can be installed on smartphones with Android versions like Nougat, Marshmallows, etc., and allows users hack popular games like Angry Bird, Asphalt, Badland, Candy crush, along with other 100+ Android games. Download the app here.

Lucky Patcher

The newest version of Lucky Patcher allows you to hack games without rooting. The app serves as a great tool and allows users to hack Android apps and games, block ads, and even alter or personalize app permissions, backup apps etc. With this app, you can not only transfer apps to SD card in one click, but even install all apps by applying custom patch

Lucky Patcher

Click here to download Lucky Patcher Android gaming hacking app.

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Do try these Android game hacking apps and don’t forget to give your feedback. You can also sign in for our newsletter more such handy tips and tricks.