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8 Ways To Save Android Smartphone Battery

We have all been in a situation where our Android smartphone battery has conked off when we needed it the most. Phone batteries usually tend to drain out quickly once phones get older, but how much and how fast the charge gets over depends on several factors, including usage and charging cycles, amongst others. Here are a handful of tips and tricks to save Android smartphone battery

Keep Your Phone On Battery Saving Mode

By keeping your phone in power saving you reduce the constant plugging in to charge your phone, so your battery will stay charged for longer. This is because, in power saving mode, many of the notifications and auto-syncing of emails and apps doesn’t happen.

Turn Down Brightness

We all keep the brightness of our smartphones a little more than what it needs to be. The screen is the primary battery sucker on your phone. To save Android smartphone battery, you can turn it way down until it is useable but not too dim.  

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Turn Down Brightness

Also, it is best to switch off the mobile device at night. It not only helps to save the battery to ensure it lasts longer but also avoids distractions at night.

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Choose Wi-Fi over internet data 


To save Android smartphone battery, the best thing to do is to use Wi-Fi over internet data. Internet data devour 40% more power than Wi-Fi. Hence, switching to Wi-Fi certainly helps to significantly reduce battery consumption.

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Turn Off Vibration

Turn Off Vibration

Whenever your phone vibrates, it eats up your battery charge. Hence, if you don’t need your phone to vibrate for notifications, messages, or even when typing, it is best to turn it off instead of letting notifications shake your battery to death.

Turn Off Auto Downloads

We are all dependent on apps to perform daily functions, including ordering groceries, shopping online, booking AC repairs, etc. These apps are constantly updated by the developers to fix bugs and speed issues. Now, while these apps do help us a lot, there are many who just sit on our phones and eat a lot of battery with auto-downloads.

Turn Off Auto Downloads

To save Android smartphone battery:

· Go to the Play Store settings

· Tap on Auto-update apps

· Here, you will get the option to turn auto-updates on or off

To save the internet, you can also opt to have auto-updates occur over Wi-Fi, which will also save battery.

Limit Video Content Consumption

Surely the smartphones bring the world into our hands and have become our source of entertainment, we spend a lot of time using them to browse social media channels to browse content, videos, and everything else. 

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Restricting consumption of video content can help save Android smartphone battery immensely as video processing is indeed a highly power-consuming activity.

Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode Whenever Possible

Smartphone devices tend to consume very little power when put on airplane mode. When the handset is put on this mode, facilities such as GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS are automatically disabled, thus making sure your battery stays for longer.

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Apps

To save Android smartphone battery, it is important to uninstall unnecessary apps that sit in the mobile but are not of any use. These apps usually use a small amount of battery throughout the day, which can really add up over time.

Try these simple tricks to save Android smartphone battery. You can also sign in for our newsletter to get more handy tips and tricks delivered to your mailbox. 

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