Virtual Reality Games For Android

Virtual Reality Games For Android

Today, every part of our business and personal life has seen a drastic improvement through the touch of technology in some way, shape or form. In the gaming world, Virtual Reality has come in to offer a highly-immersive experience that even includes all sensory inputs. The mind is actually be tricked into thinking what it’s experiencing is real. If you are a gaming enthusiast and are looking for VR games for Android free download, then we have got you covered.

Advantages of VR in Gaming:

  • VR games provide gamers with appealing virtual objects.
  • VR gaming offers the ability to take players into the game in real time.
  • The cutting-edge capabilities enrich the game environment.
  • It promises digitally extended reality anywhere and anytime.
  • VR Games are definitely more appealing for avid players as well as occasional gamers.

Top 10 VR Games for Android

VR Games for Android


INCELL is a multi-coloured action-cum-racing VR game that takes place in a unique micro-world. Recreating the anatomy of a human cell in impressive detail, this VR game free download has an educational angle too.  During the game, the players ride along capillaries and connections as they take in inner space. The depth and scaling of the scenes make the entire experience worthwhile. Also, the rousing soundtrack keeps the player engaged at all times.

You can download this VR game for Android here.  

Hungry Shark VR

This game is all about controlling a shark swimming in the deep ocean. This engaging game is all about missions, hunt, reveal underwater mysteries. This VR arcade action game takes full advantage of the platform by offering complete freedom of movement in 360-degree underwater exploration, racing and hunting.

You can download this VR game for Android here.

VR Tank Training

This game uses a graphical ‘mesh-blending’ technique reminiscent of the popular Battlefield games to simulate the experience of commanding a cannon on wheels. The game is to destroy as many targets as you can while you manoeuvre your tank to the next checkpoint. There’s also an in-game leader board for players to compete against each other for the top spot.

You can download this VR game for Android here.

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VR Games

Hidden Temple VR Adventure

Hidden Temple Adventure offers a point-and-click experience in virtual reality – you will surely be the centre of this virtual reality adventure.  Its immersive gameplay and masterfully-rendered visuals make this VR game one of the best for Android.

You can download this VR game for Android here.

Proton Pulse Plus

In this free VR game for Android, players have to defend the world from something called a M.O.A.I. Smack the proton with your paddle to destroy the M.O.A.I.’s core. Proton Pulse’s intuitive controls, mesmerising colours, along with exciting audio surely makes it this a must-download VR smartphone game.

You can download this VR game for Android here.

Zombie Shooter VR

Zombie Shooter VR appears like a retro arcade game and plays like one as well. The subway setting and zombie shoot them up format promises a bloody fun. Note that while it’s a free game, Zombie Shooter VR operates on a freemium model.

You can download this VR game free download for Android here.

vTime XR

A VR version of Facebook, this game is one of the most unique virtual reality games as it gives the players an opportunity to connect with users from over 190 different countries.

After you create your own avatar, you can choose the virtual environment to spawn in. Chat with other users, meet new people, and expand your network of vTime friends.

You can download this VR game free download for Android here.

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VR Games for adults

VR Wrong Voyage

VR Wrong Voyage is a beautiful combo of puzzle and FPS genre. This VR game for Android requires a controller, but it’s still worth it. You play as a character who has gotten lost in an unknown location. As you explore the strange temple, you’ll soon figure out the meaning behind the structure, as well as your own role in the world.

You can download this VR game free download for Android here.

Horizons (Daydream)

This rhythm game uses the Daydream controller to play music. The music that you play dictates the colours that appear, offering an excellent experience for both your eyes and ears.

You can download this VR game free download for Android here.