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Google Meet’s New Feature Allows Users to Live Stream on YouTube

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Google is all set to roll out a brand-new feature to the Google Meet app. The feature will let users live stream meetings to YouTube which is its streaming platform. With the introduction of this feature, people can live-stream their meetings and share them with others rather than recording the meetings and then uploading them.

Everything to know about the new feature

As per a story by Gadgets Now, the admin can live-stream just by navigating to the meeting’s Activities Panel of the app. Then the users can select the “Live Streaming” option to share their live stream.  Users will be able to choose their channel to start streaming the meeting that they are holding, as per Android Central.

Google says that this live streaming option is extremely useful, especially for users who wish to share their information and presentation with a larger audience. The feature will also allow the audience to replay the presentation later on and also pause it as per their need.

Google Meet’s New Feature 1

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Users will need approval to live stream

Before someone tries to live stream on YouTube, he will be required to go through a channel approval procedure. Even Google has informed users that their channel needs to be approved before they could live stream via Google Meet.

Also, the company’s help page clarifies that when host management is turned on, only the host along with co-hosts can start to live stream the meeting. If in case, the host management is turned off, anyone who is in the meeting can start live streaming it.

When will the feature roll out?

This live streaming feature is expected to roll out in various stages. The first rapid release is expected to be launched so that people could choose domains within three days i.e, from July 21 to July 24.

The second rapid release will take up to 15 days to roll out and will start on July 25. Do note, it could take 24 hours or even more to get approval for live streaming.

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