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Gmail New Update: New Button to Save Photos from Gmail to Google Photos

With a user-friendly interface, Gmail has become one of the most popular mail services. It helps many manage professional and personal lives by offering several interesting features, including priority inbox, smart labels, spam, smart reply, smart compose, and much more. With Gmail new update, users will now be able to save photos from Gmail to Google photos.

The Gmail new update ‘Save to Photos’ feature will currently work for JPEG formats only. This means that as of now the new Gmail feature is only compatible with images sent in the JPEG format. The tech giant has not released any official statement as to when other formats will be supported by this new feature.


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Gmail new update

Google introduced the Gmail new update via its official Workspace blog. It says, “Now when you get a photo attachment in a Gmail message, you can save it directly to Google Photos with a new “Save to Photos” button. You’ll see it next to the existing “Add to Drive” button on the attachment and while previewing the image attachment.”

How will the Gmail new update prove helpful?

The new update focuses on reducing the need to download JPEG images and then back them up on Google Photos, all this was being done manually till now. But, with the Gmail new update, the new feature will allow Gmail users to save photo attachments directly to Google Photos using the new ‘Save to Photo’ button. However, media in other image and video formats would still have to be uploaded manually on Google Photos.

The new feature is available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers. Users with personal Google Accounts can also use this feature to save photos with a click of a button. 

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