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FRT Check-in Facility Will Begin at Bengaluru, Varanasi Airports from August 15

The Digi Yatra Project phase one is all set to get started at airports in Bengaluru and Varanasi from August 15, says Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia. This project is conceived to allow users to check in at airports using facial recognition technology (FRT)

Under Digi Yatra Project, passengers would pass through several checkpoints at the airport through contactless and paperless processing. This would be possible by using facial features to establish the identity linked to a passenger’s boarding pass.

Scindia took it to Twitter to share the news of kicking off phase 1 of Digi Yatra. He said that he chaired a meeting of his ministry’s Consultative Committee that comprised members from across political parties. He also wrote that during the meeting he discussed the working of “Digi Yatra” which is their maiden project, to digitalize the processing of travellers at airports.

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Scindia has also ensured that privacy issues have been taken care of in Digi Yatra Project. Along with this, he in a statement said that the project provides for a “decentralized mobile wallet-based identity management platform” which is economical and addresses data protection and privacy issues. It said that Digi Yatra Foundation (DYF) is going to be a pan-India entity along with the custodian of the passenger ID validation process under the project.

What is Digi Yatra Foundation (DYF)?

Back in 2019, DYF was set up as a joint venture company under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Under which, the Indian Airport Authority holds 26% shares, whereas the private airport operators in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kochi, and Delhi hold the remaining 74% shares.

Along with this, DYF is going to develop a consensus among the aviation stakeholder in India that would be regarding the Digi Yatra project.

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