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Easy methods to check the MAC address on Windows 11

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MAC address or the Media Control Access is the permanent identification address that is given to a device by the manufacturer. The name which a device owner gives to it is something that can be modified. 

So, to verify a device in a reliable way you can check its MAC address. In addition to identification, a MAC address is also required for allowing selective access to devices on a network. MAC addresses are assigned during the manufacturing process only.

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How to check the Mac address of your device in Windows 11?

Although even the MAC address of a device can be changed, doing so is a bit more difficult than renaming the device. However, looking for a device’s MAC address can be hard. So, today we will discuss several methods with which you can check the MAC address in Windows 11.

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1. How to find MAC address in the Settings of Windows 11 –

  • Go to the ‘Network & Internet page’ in Settings.
  • If you are looking for an Ethernet MAC address click on the Ethernet submenu.
  • In case you are looking for the MAC address of the Wi-Fi adapter, click Wi-Fi.
  • Then click on the Hardware properties.
  • Then at the bottom of the page, look for the ‘Physical address (MAC)’. Look for the MAC address which is six alphanumeric pairs separated by hyphens. 

2. How to check Mac address in the Control Panel of the Windows 11-

  • You can do this quickly with the search bar in the Start Menu.
  • Then open the Network Sharing center. You can access it under the ‘Network and Internet’ heading via the ‘Network Status and Tasks’ link. 
  • Then select your type of connection. In the Network sharing center, your current Internet connection is displayed as a clickable link. Click on it. Then click on the ‘Details’ button.
how to check mac address in windows 11 1
how to check mac address in windows 11 2
  • Once you click on it, look for the ‘Physical Address’. In Windows 11, the Physical Address is the same as the MAC address. 

3. Using PowerShell to find the MAC address in Windows 11 –

Microsoft PowerShell is shipped by default with Windows 11. It allows people to perform tasks without pointing and clicking. 

  • Click on the Start Menu. In the pop-menu ‘Windows Terminal’ will open up. You can also find it by searching for PowerShell. 
  • Then you will have to enter the command “getmac /v”. “Getmac” retrieves the Physical address of the hardware. “/v” is the modifier asking Windows 11 to return verbose information. 
how to check mac address in windows 11 3
  • Then just look for Physical Address which is six pairs of alphanumeric digits separated by hyphens. 
how to check mac address in windows 11 4

In case you have more than one Network Adapter, all the MAC addresses will appear in this list. 

Conclusion –

These are the easy methods with which you can find the Physical Address of all the network adapters in your network. For more such informative tech articles, stay hooked on Tech thirsty!

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