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How to See Top Listeners on Spotify: A Comprehensive Guide

If you’re already on Spotify and want to know ‘how to see top listeners on Spotify’ then you’re at the right place. Knowing who your most dedicated fans are can provide valuable insights into your audience and help you connect with them on a deeper level.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to discover your top listeners on Spotify, whether you’re an artist or a curious music lover.

Before delving into the steps to find your top listeners on Spotify, let’s understand why this information is valuable. Your top listeners are individuals who engage with your music the most, and they can play a pivotal role in your music journey. By identifying them, you can:

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  • Show appreciation: Recognizing your top listeners allows you to express gratitude for their support, fostering a stronger connection.
  • Tailor content: Understanding their preferences can help you create content or playlists that resonate with your most dedicated fans.
  • Build a fan-base: Engaging with top listeners can lead to word-of-mouth recommendations and organic growth.
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How to see top listeners on Spotify?

1. For artists

If you’re an artist looking to identify your top listeners, Spotify for Artists is the go-to tool. Here’s how to use it:

  • To access ‘Spotify for Artists’, you need to claim your artist profile. Visit the ‘Spotify for Artists’ website and follow the instructions to verify your identity and gain control over your profile.
  • Once you’ve claimed your profile, log in to Spotify for Artists and navigate to your dashboard. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information about your music and audience.
  • Next,click on the “Audience” tab, on your dashboard. This section provides insights into your listeners, including their demographics and listening habits. Look for the section that highlights your top listeners.
  • Your top listeners are individuals who have streamed your music the most. Spotify provides detailed information about these fans, such as their location and how many times they’ve listened to your tracks.

2. For curious listeners

If you’re not an artist but are interested in finding your top listeners as a Spotify user, you can still gain valuable insights into your listening habits. Here’s how.


Artists and listeners can know more about their listeners by using various websites such as;

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  • Stats for spotify
  • Spotontrack
  • Followerwonk
  • WhoSampled app
  • Fan Insights app

Public Playlist on Spotify

You can create a publicly accessible playlist on Spotify and share it with a broader audience. You can then find out who are listening to your playlists by looking at the followers. However, as some people may follow your playlist without listening to your songs, this method may not be accurate.

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Ask your listeners

If you have a small fan base on Spotify, you can run a campaign ‘Ask your listeners’ and know from your fans directly. You may also consider creating a poll to collect any information insight you want to. To create the poll, you need to access the interact tab on Spotify.

Building Relationships with your Top Listeners

Whether you’re an artist or a Spotify user, building relationships with your top listeners is a rewarding endeavor. Here are some tips for connecting with them:

  • Send personalized messages to express your appreciation.
  • Create exclusive content or playlists for your top listeners.
  • Engage with them on social media and ask for their input on your music.
  • Consider organizing fan meetups or virtual events to interact directly with your dedicated fans.


Whether you’re an artist looking to connect with your biggest fans or a music enthusiast eager to explore your own listening trends, these are some ways “how to see top listeners on Spotify”. To discover your top listeners on Spotify is a valuable journey worth embarking upon. Good luck!

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