Facebook Data Leak 2021 Risks Information of 533 Million Users

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Facebook has been in news a lot lately for several reasons, and not the good ones. After the whole fiasco of taking over WhatsApp details of users with the new Private Policy, the social media giant has leaked phone numbers and personal data of 533 million Facebook users. Posted online on a low-level hacking form, Facebook data leak 2021 has put the personal information of millions of users from 106 countries, including their phone numbers, full names, bios, location, email address, and birth dates for hackers to misuse.

Facebook leaks personal information

The latest Facebook data leak 2021 has raised many questions regarding the vulnerability that social media giant claimed it patched in 2019. Alon Gal, CTO of cybercrime intelligence firm Hudson Rock, in a tweet, explained that all 533,000,000 records were exploited due to a vulnerability that enabled getting hands-on phone number linked to the Facebook account was leaked for free.

The leaked data includes records on 32 million users in the United States, 11 million users in the United Kingdom, and six million users in India. The worst part, all this data has been leaked for free. This means that the leaked personal information of over 533 million Facebook users is out in the open and that it can be exploited by hackers to carry out social engineering attacks.

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The Facebook data leak 2021 threatens to weaken Facebook’s business model of collating a large amount of personal information and using it to sell targeted ads. The leaked information is available for free on a hacking forum, thus making it freely accessible to bad actors with basic data skills.

Facebook Data Leak 2021

Even though the data is said to be over a year old, however, according to security experts, cybercriminals could still misuse the information to commit identity fraud.

Is it the first time?

This is not the first time Facebook has put data millions of users out in the public.  According to Ukrainian cyber threat researcher Bob Diachenko, in December 2019, data of 267 million Facebook users were leaked on the web. This included their IDs, phone numbers, and names.

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